Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sigh. Why me?

Again- news from the Japanese Public TV feed- which is NOT being repeated elsewhere.

This one is a real corker.  Watch the video while you can; it could disappear.

So- how's the security at French nuclear power plants?  Here's the answer.  You can just walk in.

YouTube link here.  The version at NHK has a bit of an interview, too; in French-

Update 5/3; ok, we're getting a little mainstream media penetration; this article in Bloomberg Businessweek adds considerable detail, and was cited in the NYT Green Blogs section.

I love the public response of the French top nuke guy:

“Safety at the installation was never called into question,” Dominique Miniere, director of French nuclear production, told reporters today. “What is clear is that safety measures put in place at the end of 2011 allowed the detection and immediate arrest of the intruder. The whole thing was over in less than 10 minutes.”

Uh.  Right.  So if this guy had actually been a terrorist, carrying a nice shoulder launched missile, for example, they definitely would have seen him, and caught him... AFTER he'd delivered his ordnance.  No problem!


Lauren said...

Ugh. What can you do? Isn't there a new season Dancing With Stars I can watch instead of real life? Basketball play-offs maybe?

Greenpa said...

Lauren- hey, if you've got cable, there's always re-runs of I Love Lucy and That Girl. :-)

Yeah, I know; it's getting downright depressing that it's all so depressing all the time.

Reading Rob Hopkins' blog, I find someone has already written a book on the subject- I haven't read it; dunno; maybe some of this can be useful:

Anonymous said...

I dip into the news feed only for very short times now, otherwise I'd get nothing else done. But thank you for sharing the nuke news. I'm in MA, downriver from Yankee Rowe, and the battle there continues.

Meantime, my husband and I went to an edible mushroom workshop last weekend and are now the possessors of two logs inoculated with shitake mushrooms -- should get our first batch next year! Also, I'm now in a 7-month survey course on growing and harvesting herbs and making them into useful medicines, etc. It's a survey course because it covers a lot of things but not to the depth where one could be a professional practitioner. However students should be able to help themselves and their families with many basics of staying healthy and recovering from minor illnesses (before they become major ones!).

Heather G

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thats a good video really i like that one.

Anonymous said...

What kind of damage would a shoulder launched missile do in power plant that couldn't be done by launching it from the outside?

Greenpa said...

Anon- I'm certainly not an expert; but I think the answer is "quite a lot" - for one thing, from close overhead, you could hit a lot of fragile targets far more accurately than from outside the "security" perimeter.