Monday, November 5, 2007

The Iceberg moves again... and...

This is a "good news, bad news" post.  Life is like that, it seems sometimes, one long illustration of "the bad news is, he fell out of the airplane... good news is, he landed on a haystack... bad news is, there was a pitchfork in the haystack..."

The good news is,  the BBC posted the truly startling, and encouraging, results of a large multinational poll today - "4 out of 5" people believe humans will need to significantly alter their lifestyles in order to cope with climate change- and they're ready to do their part.

More than 80% in China, and more than 75% in the USA.  Those are pretty big numbers- the iceberg IS moving, and in the right direction.  And I positively guarantee you- YOUR ACTIONS have been a huge part of making this happen. 

 "Yeah, I know it sounds crazy, but my neighbor Bill is worried enough that he's started biking to work."   Etc.  Those are the tiny little pushes that actually get folks to pay attention- and think- and change their minds.  Add it all up - our individual actions are powerful.

The bad news is, the Little Blog did finally attract a "troll", and I did finally delete ONE comment for just being, well, sub-human.  As Hank pointed out, feeding trolls makes them come back, and I accidentally fed one in the comments on the last post - "Anonymous" (#2).  I put his first comment up (and will leave it), not recognizing him as a troll- though Hank did.  He was sly- he sounds reasonable, conversational- but ultimately it was just a cranky dig.  The one I deleted was more obvious, and pointless.

Partly I put it up because I am acutely aware of the dangers of just talking to ourselves.  If we all agree, all the time- something is wrong.  And I have no problem with honest, polite disagreement, as I hope I've shown.

The good news is- that troll, who ended his comment with a smug "I know I have no intention of reducing my consumption." - was pretty immediately put in his place by this BBC poll.  Troll- you're in the minority now.  Right around the world.  And yes, you have my pity.  :-)

Then; the bad news is... we seem to be running a streak of crummy luck, if you believe in such things.  Besides having our mowers flooded, truck stolen, solar panels fried by lightning, having my back go out, and getting our mailbox bashed; a week ago Spice was in a car accident.  The other vehicle failed to yield, at a rather poorly set up intersection of rural gravel roads...  and she wound up in the ditch, windshield smashed.  It was a side impact, so the airbags didn't go off- so.. according to MRI scans a couple days ago, she does indeed have "whiplash" injuries; torn ligaments in her neck and shoulder.  Smidgen was in the car- strapped into her car seat, in the back, and is fine, with a little bruising from the straps.

So that's part of why I've been a little short on entries here- we're going to have to take some time off, from everything, so Spice can heal.  No cheating- she's got to rest, much of it in bed, no stress on the ligaments.  Which means I get to carry the wood; and the water; and do most of the cooking, and dishes.  And a lot of Smidgen herding.

And, related good news...  Part of today's breakfast conversation with the Smidge-  "You're my daddy."  "Yes, I am.  And you're my... monkey."  "Yes, I am."  (with no smiles, or joking.)  "And sometimes you're my Tigger."  "Yes, I am."  (no smiles again.)

And she is.  One of her recent inventions is to bounce all the way across the room, Tigger style, then grab a parent, and squeal "Tigger-mamma!"  then immediately bounce to the other parent and proclaim "Tigger-daddy!" - then... repeat, until the parents can't take any more.  And with Spice in a neck-brace...