Friday, May 25, 2012

Boycott Pom Pomegranate Juice. Really.

Yesterday I was greeted by the top banner ad on the New York Times reading "CHEAT DEATH" - and advising us all to drink Pom.

It's a seriously sad statement, when a corporation responds to a highly adverse decision by a judge, by launching an immediate new ad campaign- that pushes the claims even farther.

I was already aware that the day before, a judge had ruled that Pom's advertising crossed quite a few lines in making health claims that were simply not true, nor justified by any credible research.  And he did tell them to knock it off.

So?  Pom thinks it's a joke.  That is- your health is a joke to them.  And so is our society's legal requirement that advertising should not be misleading.  Up yours, FTC.  And incidentally- up yours, American citizen.

You can read about it here: NYT; and in various other places.

So, yes; I'm seriously suggesting you BOYCOTT POM - and let them know you are.  Put this up on your Facebook page- etc.

Sorry, Pom.  Not funny.  Not at all.  And- knock it off.  Or no juice for you.

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Amy McPherson Sirk said...

I stopped buying POM a couple of years ago. I like the flavor but when I drink it I feel weird. I don't know if it spikes my blood sugar or what but you can keep it. I won't touch the stuff.