Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Polka Dot Feet.

Crazy year.  Like you weren't aware.  This is just to add to your list of how crazy.

Mom And Son Accused Of Stealing Gopher Feet.

Well.  Ok, nearly $5,000.00 worth of frozen gopher feet.  Pocket gophers, to be exact; if you ever wondered where the pockets are; they're right there in the photo- and they use them to carry seeds and roots back to the tunnels; seriously destructive.

This, incidentally, is right in my backyard; no, I don't know these folks (whew!) but it would easily be possible; Preston is a town we are in and out of all the time.

And, I have to sympathize with the victim- we have gopher wars here constantly; they're tree killers.  The bounty on their front claws is a slight remuneration for the trouble of catching them.

On the other hand, I've got personal experience with professional gopher trappers; we tried to get some to help us out.  But.  They like to leave a few untrapped; for seed.  Gophers are their crop- no, they don't want them wiped out.  The bounty can help when it pays the local kids a few extra bucks for going after them- but the pros just give the illusion of control.  And cost money.

Still here; in between downpours; the work year on the farm is goofed up by the late, late winter, followed immediately by summer; spring lasted about 3 days, I think.  Overworked.

Oh, and- are you aware- they year is half over, this Friday?  Summer solstice.  Yep, we'll have the bonfire/picnic, and I'd love it if you join us on your own places around the world.  But it's all kind of last minute/out of breath/ on the fly this year.

I'll be back!