Saturday, June 16, 2012

Are you a Greench?

I'm just having fun with the word, which when I Googled it; came up zero.  "Did you mean 'grinch?' Google smirkingly inquires?  Did I coin it? (Well; apart from the 2007 bit in the NYT... and the 200,000 some other hits when you try it in quotes.  Oh, and the World of Warcraft stuff.)

I like it because the meaning is obvious- a Green Grinch, don't ya know.  Of course, he was green (colored) in the original Seuss; but I mean the other kind; Green Meanies.

I've been getting cranky about Greenches, recently.  You know; the ones for whom anything short of their definition of perfect is a failure, and to be fought to the death against.  (Check my comments here, if you like rude and blunt.)

What a disaster that will be; if the people who care about the world adopt the "I'M RIGHT AND YOU'RE WRONG" attitudes currently paralyzing the world.

Lighten up, everybody.  We just don't need to go Greench.