Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The first cygnets of summer-

If you're not already, better get used to headlines that read something like "Cherry trees blossom 2 weeks ahead of average."  The year is off to a hot start already; and lots of early events are in the pipeline by now.

This is the one that motivated me to post today: "The first cygnet of the year at Abbotsbury Swannery in Dorset is the earliest since records began in 1393."

That's a pretty substantial record.

Thing is; here on the other side of the globe, I have our own to report.  Last night at 11 PM, as I went outside to check the sky for lightning, since our neighbors to the west were having tornadoes again, I was greatly startled by some flashes of light- from the wrong direction.

They were fireflies; 10, at least.  On May 1st.  That is absolutely the earliest, by far, we've ever had fireflies here.  Ok, I've only got a 30 some year observation track, not quite up to the swans' records.  But the first firefly, like the first cygnet, has always been an event to watch for- yes, it's summer.

About 3 weeks earlier than the average, I think.

Supposed to hit 80°F today.

Another headline to get used to: "Long, hot, summer..."


Anonymous said...

gp, i followed the link provided. the story did not include the actual hatch date, just the date of publication. the linked page provided a list of related items, one being a nearly identical story dated o4 may 2011. i'm still 'on the fence' in regards to the climate change issue. my mind remains open to all opinions, however all the opinions are coming from humans, the most manipulative species on the planet. in the course of typing this comment, i just stepped outside with housecat. his attention was immediately drawn to the side yard. i was expecting another confrontation with one of the local hoodlums, the rabbit. no rabbit in site. there is, however, a familiar squeaking/singing sound. not a cricket though, a frog. the type with the 'pads' on the ends of their digits, like a tree frog. not a sound we associate with may day in these parts. so there i go. but i'm still on the fence.

Greenpa said...

Anon; I hesitated a good while before posting your comment- I'm on the fence, as to whether you're a real person, or a very skillful "astroturfer", working to keep doubt alive.

I'm NOT on the fence, as you likely know; and have a hard time understanding how any sane person can be.

If you haven't seen it; do read my posts here:

Industrial Dysfunction said...

Over here we have had 60+ year record temperatures, spring into summer (91 degrees in your funny American units). Nothing on it's own but it's pretty weird thinking about resorting to airconditioning at the start of May.