Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hard to say.

Having a hard time figuring what to write about here. Too many conflicting tugs.

a) I shouldn't be writing at all; I should be out harvesting; we're at a peak for one crop, and I really need to be out there. but...
b) my stupid back has gone "out". Well, "half out". Partly from doing a lot of heavier than usual work; but it happened when I just stepped down off the tractor. A tiny twist; a little compression- ah, lower back in spasm. Can't really stand up, or walk, at this point. Taking meds- not helping much. I CAN sit, which is why I'm at the computer.
c) it's damned hard to whine about my stupid back when Crunch has such trouble.
d) Anonymous left a comment on my post "Things could be worse" - saying (quite politely) I couldn't legitimately complain about my insurance company not covering my stolen truck, when I hadn't insured it... oh, yes I can, and will, in a later post. "Predatory businesses" being one of my listed topics. But it still seems too trivial compared to Crunchy's situation.
e) all the kind comments on my poetic endeavors are very seductive. Hm, maybe I should just do a poetry blog... the ego would love it; but it's not really what we're here for..
f) and we did get some wonderful international coverage a few days ago- Intelligent Life that my ego would also love to talk about... this on line link is just an excerpt of the print... but...

So, I'm stuck. So, I'm going to revert, and put two more poems here- relevant to the season, and I hope life affirming. It's a beautiful autumn day here; cool, crisp, sunny. These were written on very similar days.

Forty eight 9/28/96

Walking my paths

There was one last

ready to drop

fat and sweet
as any blueberry ever

simple to pick it
simple to savor

rain cleared blue sky above
wind, bright leaves

so why was it so painful
just knowing
that you love blueberries


Forty nine 9/29/96

This warm fall day
my life is so sweet

working in slanting autumn sun
watching the world move

one more tick

and today’s crystalline air
flame flickering leaves

even the ache
of wishing
you were here

is sweet



Isle Dance said...

I hope you feel better soon. Back's are necessary to continue functioning and caring for loved ones. Take good care of it.

Crunchy Chicken said...

Thanks, Greenpa, so much for your consideration. Please continue posting, no matter how trivial. I know you all are out there thinking of me and my family!

Hank Roberts said...

Try not sitting; did I ever send you a copy of Maggie's Back Book? (Maggie Lettvin)
ISBN-10 : 0395251478
ISBN-13 : 9780395251478
$0.25 and up at web bookstores now.

Short: get plywood. Get a washcloth. Get a rolled up sleeping bag or big pillow. Fold the washcloth in thirds, lie on back with knees on pillow and washcloth under tailbone to take the last curve out of the lower spine.

Forces the pinch to relax. Maggie: anything that stops the pain allows the inflammation to begin to go away, it's the inflammation pinching the nerve. Anything that makes it hurt puts off healing.

Dunno. Statistics say nothing but time heals most lower back pain, but I've gotten faster help with that position she recommends, regularly.

Even better if you knew someone who could do acupressure (not -puncture); there is a 'back release' series of pressure points that has worked astonishingly well for me. Both help.

Sitting doesn't.

Anonymous said...


By far my favorite posts that you've done so far are the ones that are nothing more than a peek at one aspect of your life... The things that you do differently than most other people (and why you do it differently). It doesn't have to be a long diatribe or a work of art...

Just a thought. I hope that helps you decide what to write and to keep doing it! Bloggers like you, NIM and Green as a Thistle have really inspired me to make my own changes for the better.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with 'anonymous' that posts on how you do things around your place are great. I appreciate the other posts as well, but I have to say that sometimes when I'm learning to do something, I sometimes get annoyed with the authors of the books I have, who give partial instructions, leaving me to figure out how to get something done within a reasonable amount of time. Like, how to cook tomatoes down to being sauce more quickly, and how long will it take?

Even your posts recently about the problems you're having with the flood and harvesting are great -- people who are new to gardening/farming/living more lightly often run into obstacles, and then either aren't sure how to proceed, or think they're complete failures. It's good for readers to see that even the pros can run into problems, how they handle them, and how things do/don't work out.

Hope your back is better soon!

Anonymous said...

When you say that you can 'legitimately' complain about your truck not being covered, do you mean that in the sense of "it wasn't covered by the policy due to specific wording, exact scope, etc.", or the sense of "they should cover it because it's the 'right' thing to do"?

Greenpa said...

Hank- thanks! yeah, sounds like Maggie makes sense. Sitting is NOT helping. I'm getting some computer work done, but not healing as fast as when I've stayed flat. Getting to be like a grouchy bear here, getting frustrated. Can'd do this; can't do that.

Greenpa said...

Anonymous, on truck coverage- the latter. Legally, you're totally correct. But- this case is more complex, and the whole topic is, too. We'll get there. I'm going to argue not only from the moral standpoint, but proper societal function. :-)

Hank Roberts said... except there's an internal server error after the intro pages before the questionnaire. Like I said, the original book's excellent. I was looking for online pictures from it and found her website (do the questionnaire, get the advice, have 30 days to consider paying for it, and heck I'll pay if it works for you). But wait til I hear if anybody's home to fix their server.

Meanwhile, other thing is, do that rolled up blanket/big pillows while on your back, folded cloth under tailbone.

Sleeping, put a smaller roll of cloth between knees, sleep on side that hurts less, knees pulled up.

"Doorknob" stretch -- facing the lock plate of door, reach for the two doorknobs. I know, you probably don't have doorknobs. Dang. Anyhow. Stand with arms fully extended. Look down. Hold onto doorknobs, lower your seat while holding your knees exactly where they were. Same idea, takes all the stretch out of the lower back. This can halt the pain for a few minutes.

Arrrgh. Had this my whole life off and on. Just saw a study saying real acupuncture works, even 'sham' acupuncture works, better than much else for lower back pain. Well the acupuncture drawings have lines and dots everywhere, hard not to hit one even shamming. Acupressure uses the same spots without needles.

Whatever stops the pain. Aspirin or acetaminophen for inflammation, maybe. Time.

Susan Och said...

I'm afraid I misread Hank's initial advice, "Get plywood," as "Get plowed."

That might help, too.

Greenpa said...

Susan- many thanks for the grins- :-)