Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Turbo Stabilizer

On a more cheerful note. I don't want folks to think we're about to throw in the towel, here- though of course when you're exhausted, hot, being eaten by mosquitoes at a time of year we never have them.... etc. - it gets easy to feel that way.

But we do have our major stabilizer, Smidgen. Or "Turbo-Child" as I've taken to calling her these days. She's here, hard at work keeping us partially sane.

A couple days ago she decided, entirely on her own, that she wanted to be up in a tree. That one. So- up she went-

(you can click on these for a slightly bigger version of the photo)

I held her long enough to be sure she was stable- discussed holding on, and falling. "I'm fine, daddy." And having a fine time. She started giggling, and wiggling, peeking around the trunk and making faces. "I'm a monkey!" "What! You're not my Smidgen?" "No, I'm a tree monkey!"

Then, she started playing a variation of one of her current favorite games "I've got your nose" - which cracks her up endlessly.

Somehow, all on her own, she wanted to know what to DO with MY nose, once she had it (obviously, it's not enough for me to steal her nose, she immediately grabbed for mine.) "What are you going to do with my nose!?" I wail. "EAT IT!!" with shouts and giggles.

And she does. Over and over. And we both go "Ewwww! Ick! Yuck!" which is all pure delight. Then she wants me to eat hers. Not sure what this says about vegetarianism. :-)

She does make the disasters go away, for a bit.

Back to the mosquito preserve.


Anonymous said...

She's adorable! I'm glad you have her for comic relief at a time like this. I hope life gets simpler for you soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh, too cute.

As well as being a joyful distraction from our worries...

ALL children should be seen as a fervent reminder of why we need to worry and get down the business of making the changes we feel are necessary.

Love your blog. Thanks for sharing your experience and wisdom.

barefoot gardener said...

That is fabulous!

Don't you wish we could all be that carefree?

Crunchy Chicken said...

Too cute!

And I think you just found the answer to how to harvest all those trees of yours.

Chryss said...

I can practically hear the giggles... thanks for the smile, Smidge!

Anonymous said...

Greenpa, sorry to hear about all the problems caused by flooding. My fingers are crossed for you and every other eco-farmer, and for all those who will have to live with the extra runoff from industrial farms.

I am actually posting with a fridge question, and hoping you have the time and peace to answer it, oh, maybe in a week or two! Back in April you had a long post about refrigeration, and going without. I am not quite ready to go without, but would like to put my fridge and freezer at the maximum possible healthy temps. I keep no meat in there, but often have a week's worth of milk and yoghurt (I can't bring myself to start the car and drive to the store more often). What do you think/know is safe? The FDA seems to recommend something unreasonably low, like 38F and 0F, as if anything else will kill us all. I use the freezer for veggies bought frozen, and to store things like pesto that I make myself. Any advice from you or someone else would be appreciated!

Thanks a million.

Kali said...

Your littlest angel makes me laugh! She is took adorable!

I pray things get better for you soon. Sending tons of energies your way!


Anonymous said...

Your Smidgeon is precious! I know she makes the burden a little lighter. Still praying for you and your harvest.


Anonymous said...

Emily, I wouldn't recommend setting your refrigerator/freezer thermostat higher to save energy. Remember the setting is approximate; the machine gets warmer than that (at different places inside the box) as it cycles.

To save energy, clean the coils regularly, dust is a good insulator.

If the refrigerator's old enough to be really inefficient, or really poorly insulated, replace it.

You can also add insulation to the outside of the box, if you don't mind it looking a little funny.

Don't block the vents.

Just my own opinion.

Oh, and the little "Kill-a-Watt" device is commonly available now; with that and your utility bill you can find out how much of what kind of fuel you're using to run the refrigerator.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I live in a rental with little storage space and will soon be moving overseas, so buying a fridge is not a wise idea right now. I guess there are other ways to be green...

Anonymous said...

Green pa,

Thanks for sharing the ups and downs of your life! Wow live further North and we have oppisite problem-severe drought. Hope you pull thru it(flooding) and keep smiling and laughing with your youngin'!

Anonymous said...

The smidgen is a doll and her tree is also nice looking. I've probably lived in the tropics too long, so can you help me and ID the tree? I would say it is a nut tree, but can't remember which one.

Deb said...

Hi Greenpa, just found you via Barefoot Gardener. This looks to be the most interesting blog I've stumbled across in a long time; I've had some experience with off grid living and composting toilets and all that. Looking forward to digging into your archives!

What a sweet, joyful, carefree looking girl!

Greenpa said...

rc - tricky to identify anyhow- it's a hybrid hickory-

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you said hickory as I would have guessed that from having one in my youth. But the memory of the trees from 30 years ago is fading now. I also thought it might be a pecan, but was less sure of that. The structure is similar to our sea almonds in the tropics.