Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The iceberg is moving-

As everyone in the green community knows, we are constantly concerned with the question "do we make any difference?"

Way back in June, I posted a chunk of my own belief and philosophy -Pushing on Icebergs.

Today, the BBC has an article that should keep our faith up for a long, long time.  In a pretty extensive poll, across 21 nations- it turns out that the great majority (average 79%!!!) of people now believe global warming is real, caused by humans, and needs to be dealt with urgently.

Folks, the numbers they cite are huge; and most importantly, a huge change.

We need to savor this, very carefully.  It's a lesson we're still going to need to recall in the years ahead; that iceberg is moving- but where?  And who's pushing on it now?  Not everyone is pushing in the same direction, that's for sure.

Part of what made the iceberg move was purely the personal commitments of those doing the pushing.  While there are many many times when we leave discussions feeling futile- when you are honest and sincere- and quietly persistent- you DO leave those in the audience with a positive impression.  And little by little- their minds do change.

It's really not enough to just read about all this climate stuff in the newspapers, or see it on tv - the skeptics have to see for themselves that there are serious people - people they know- who believe in it.  That's you and me.

Next- the politicians.  Tricky- in all possible meanings.  But, as we've seen in the last months, the politicians DO follow the public trends, they have to.

And yes, we, you, all of us - are changing the way the public- the world- thinks.


Next trick- don't get cocky.  It doesn't sell well, and it makes for stupid decisions...

Now, everybody get back to work, there's more to do.  



Anonymous said...

Thanks Greenpa,

A little bit of inspiration goes a long way.

TB said...

Hey Greenpa, great to be seeing a few posts from you again after your recent busy period.

There are some fascinating developments in the climate change debate over here in Australia. From the only national government apart from the US one which has failed to ratify Kyoto we had a quote this week looking towards a global zero-emissions electricy sector sometime this century. (link)

Just last night our local climate action group held a public forum with members from four political parties (not including the one currently in power) and they all agreed that this is something to aspire to.

As you say, the iceberg appears to be moving. I just hope it's not too late to stop Greenland from melting.

Theresa said...

Those are some interesting numbers in the survey date, Greenpa. I'm glad the iceberg is starting to move because some days I feel paralysed by fear and I worry I will stop pushing on my part of the iceberg.

Anonymous said...

I didn't look in here for a two week period and when I did I read the post about the Dancing Leaves that happens once every few years and I read the two poems that you posted.
The poems didn't impress me at all, sorry to say.
But the description of the entire compound leaf miracle was at a very high level and I think you ought to submit that writing for publication somewhere. Bravo, encore!

Greenpa said...

tb- thanks for the updates there; I do like to keep track of what's going on in Oz-

teresa - oh, my dear. yeah, it's scary. hang in there. Did you ever, by chance, see the Steve Martin movie "Parenthood"? Not to every one's taste, I know- but I love Grandma's take on the roller-coaster, and the scene where Steve finally "gets it", at the school play. Not that we have a lot of choice in the matter.

rc - thanks, I think! actually there were 3 poems; did you miss one? :-) Any suggestions for who would be interested in such a brief essay?