Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Upside Is Really Great Surf.

Polka Dot Gallows today, from the LA Times, forsooth.

So.  El Niño is here- and on track to be the most intense on record, actually.  Which means?

Floods, mudslides, drought and crop failure in Africa and other places;

11 million children in immediate need of food.

But hey!  Really great surf in California!

Oh, and beach communities battered into oblivion.

Always look on the bright side!

And in that vein; isn't it great how our ability to focus on the utterly trivial is being honed into perfection by our need to ignore reality - at any cost?



knutty knitter said...

So surf's up!

Maybe that's their idea of the silver lining.....



Sanguine said...

hey, how can i located any posts you may have written about your non-fridgerator-ness? I'm wondering how you accomplish this. Don't see a search box on your blog and you have a LOT of posts!

Greenpa said...

Hi Sanguine- there really SHOULD be a search box visible to you- at least if you're using a computer browser; not sure about mobile. It should be right at the extreme left top bar. In any case; most of the no-fridge posts and comments (lots of stuff in the comments) are from around March and April 2007. egad. I've long intended to do an update; but realistically - it won't be too soon; I'm buried in various work things just now.

Bottom line; yep, still no fridge, and yep; it's not hard- our fore-parents all lived that way. Just takes a different mind-set.