Thursday, February 21, 2013

Prelude To Rats, In B Major.

  Why would I want to be minor?  Well, then.

  I'm not really trying to string you along here; I'm just trying to get into this "reviews" stuff clearly.

  My aim is to be - useful.  My experience with many, many, reviews is that they are not.

  One of my readers, who goes by Lynx, helped push me in this direction.  His entire comment is available below this recent post.  I recommend it, if you have the time.  A few excerpts:

   'Well, I just got finished reading your entire blog, Greenpa. Yes, I read it from start to finish. I've really enjoyed reading it. I have to say, I'm a bit sad at how few posts you have lately, compared to when you first started.

   "Anyways, I have a couple questions regarding "green living"...

   "I know incandescent light bulbs are being phased out. I do not care for CFLs. What do you think are the best type of lighting, and why? Halogens? LEDs? Incandescent? Beeswax candles? I'm a fan of Solartubs, but they don't work very well when it's dark, and when it gets dark at 4:00 pm I like other sources of light.

   "Do you have any books or authors to recommend for reading on sustainable living? Like for tree crops, cattle, sheep, guineas, etc. Not asking for any deep searching, just some of the things that you've read and have been helpful. :)

   "What do you think of strawbale houses? Earthbag? Earthship? Cob? Log? What kind of foundation does your house have? does it have a basement cellar? or is your only cellar the one away from the house?"

   Lynx goes on quite a lot longer, but I was already cracking up at this point.  And I'm assuming that- although framing all these questions was very time consuming for Lynx- it was intended as humor, with a little point to it, right along.  Thanx, Lynx, I needed the laugh.  :-)

   Most people who feel able to hand out a little advice on anything, sooner or later run into the neophyte enthusiast who seriously asks "I'm ready!  I'm ready!  Just -please tell me everything you know!"

   They're serious.  And have absolutely no idea what they're asking.  How long it would take.  Or how completely unprepared they are to comprehend you, should you attempt to actually download.

   On the other hand- and seriously - the kind of expertise that Lynx was asking for (honored you asked) is truly priceless, and hard to come by.  Advice is very, very cheap.  Good, thorough, advice is very, very, difficult to find.

  My intent here, is to provide you with good - tested - advice.  And to clearly label the parts where "I don't really know this bit"; and to clearly identify trouble areas.

   That means- a fairly long, involved discussion.  Which people these days often loathe, and/or avoid.  Just gimmee the sound-bite, dude.

   Which I can also comprehend.  Get to the freaking point!  I find myself snarling, often enough.

   So; the format I hope to follow (and I've got a dozen tools in mind already) is - I'll start off with the simple rating; good/bad/etc.  Then details; including my experiences.  Then - alternatives.  Then - caveats.  Then - and I'm very serious about this - business opportunities.  Looking for a business?  I'll have suggestions for specific improvements.  We'll talk.

  And hopefully, you can pick through it to find what you need- at your own speed.  But expect it to be long.

  Rats, in fact, are a really big topic.  I could write a book.  I'll try not to.

  Tomorrow, I seriously hope; we've got Winter Storm Warnings up; should be inside.

  And, incidentally, I'll still talk about other stuff; this is not going to become "all reviews, all the time."


Susan Och said...

The answer to most of those questions is probably, "I'm still finding out. This worked, that didn't, but your climate/resources/standard of comfort is probably different. But nobody ever solved these problems by just sitting there, so try something and let's talk about why it did or didn't work.

Lynx said...

Well, well. I'm honoured to have my comment so commemorated.

Also, I'm a lady. She, not he. :p

Quite frankly, I can't remember whether it was intended in humour or not, but I suspect it was partially. :) I'm glad you got quite a few laughs out of it.

It's also completely serious. I know you can't answer all, or even several of the questions, and I don't expect you to. It was good to get all those questions out there, for me.

I wrote a longer reply over at my blog, for anyone who's interested in reading it.