Thursday, February 14, 2013

Polka Dot Gallows for Valentines Day...

You guys may recall my periodic posts "from the Polka Dot Gallows" - referring to bits of current news that are particularly bizarre - if viewed from any sane standpoint.  (Description of concept in this post.)

I have one for you today.

From one of my favorite news sources; the Japanese Public Television newsfeed, NHK.  I love them.  They just blurt out all this... truth.

But then, as truth is wont to do- it disappears.  Their links vanish in a few hours.  If you hurry; this one will get you to their video of this event; but here, in any case, is the story:

"Sheep form heart shape in Valentines Day event"

  "Japanese tourists have watched a flock of sheep make a heart shape in a Valentines' Day event at a ranch near Tokyo.

 "The event took place on Thursday at Mother Farm in Chiba Prefecture. The farm has about 600 sheep.

  "Ranchers had placed feed in a heart shape on a pasture in preparation for the event.

  "Sheep were released on a hillside and rushed to the food, forming a heart around a man and woman chosen from among the visitors.

  "The woman said she was overwhelmed to see so many sheep, but that she felt reassured and amused because she was with her boyfriend."

Feb. 14, 2013 - Updated 11:10 UTC (20:10 JST)

  Hard to get more romantic than that.  : - )

  Spice, my dear- we've got seven sheep- a little thin, but I could probably manage...  for you.

 ( If you-all really want some nice mush, for Valentines, I'll have to send you to Sharon.)


Spice said...

Aaawww a heart of sheep. And you know how much I'd love that.

Bee Girl said...

Love it!

Amanda said...

I went the mushy route on my blog today too, but I love the sheep heart!