Friday, June 24, 2011

I have the answer.

No, really. :-)

So, the Republicans have managed to bring all lawmaking and government in the USA to a crashing halt, yes? Government by blackmail. Set up some phony "moral imperative", in our case, "no taxing the rich", and sit down in the middle of the road, announcing that you will never never be moved from your moral high ground.

Not only is the USA about to go into a government shut down; since no budget is going to be passed. And maybe a sovereign default. But my own state of Minnesota is in the identical place; Democrat governor, Republican legislature; absolute stalemate.

The thing is, the Republicans are all gleeful, since they've discovered the power of "just say no". Like all 12 year-olds, they are having huge fun. And the grown-ups in the situation, whoever they may be, are just really struggling to find any kind of a handle. Alas, corporal punishment of 12 year old Congressmen is probably not an option.

So, it occurred to me. What do you DO, when your kid climbs up a 40 foot tall tree, and refuses to come down?

There's the answer, staring us in the face. You tell the kid- "ok, fine. Stay up there! Have fun!" And you leave.

So; the Republicans think it's grown up to walk out on negotiations?

Fine. They want to run the country?


All Democrats- whenever a Republican says "no, we need to do it THIS way" - your BEST option is to smile and say "Fine! You're in charge! Go do exactly what you want!"

I can't imagine a fiercer revenge.

Since they've brought it all to a halt anyway- and are blaming the adults who keep trying to make things work-

Let them run it. All. You wanna guess how well that will work out? A whole bunch of really bad things are about to happen, economically. We all know that. Whoever is nominally "in charge" will, of course, be blamed for it - any and all realities in the case notwithstanding. So; why not let the Republicans take all that nice responsibility?

It's the best possible way to insure 100% Democratic legislatures voted in, next election.


Grace said...

Amen, Greenpa. I like it.

Homer said...

Running worked for Wisconsin Dems...Wait a second, no it didn't. I used to blame one party for the issues, but I am quickly learning that they all are to blame. But that is just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I thought we already tried that, with the previous president.

Anonymous said...

Well that would work but the republicans are already busy rewriting the bush era history. it's obama's fault, you see. And so if you let them run things, they'll fail and shift blame...

we won't see a sane republican party until they get over the extremists, christianists, tea partiers. where indeed are the classic conservatives? Obama himself is actually a centrist looking more like a classic conservative...

Crunchy Chicken said...

Can't we just shoot them out of the trees?

Anonymous said...

Until there are no more "sides" our government will run in a state of stalemate. It is the fact that we have sides going in and out that nothing is getting done. We must start to find some way to get together for the good of the country

Eleanor @ Planned Resilience said...

On one hand, I feel that we are going to have a depression anyway, so this is a good idea. On the other hand, I am really concerned about all of the people who's lives are being destroyed by this economic collapse, so we need to do all that we can to help them. No matter what, we all are SOL.