Thursday, June 23, 2011

Polka Dot Gallows! - 6/23/11

I have started new posts several times in the past weeks- and never managed to get them finished to the point where they were ready to put up. Too many interruptions from the Universe, which seems sometimes to be looking to change its name to the OmniPerverse.

Besides that big storm which tracked all across our county, which tossed oak branches through the potty house roof, and which incidentally turned out to be a genuine tornado- we're having a very cool, soaking wet year so far. Making most of the processes on any farm slow and difficult; when not impossible.

The other reason for not finishing the posts- they're serious ones; and I really want to do them right, and well. Still working there.

Meanwhile. When I bump into some news that is just mind-bogglingly mind boggling, I do get the urge to share. The Polka Dot Gallows concept is related to the German phrase for mordant humor, often called "dark" humor in English. They call it "galgenhumor", literally "gallows humor". I figured as long as so much of our humor these days is coming from the gallows- we might as well go ahead and make the gallows a fun place. Hence my polka dots.

As you might guess, today's Polka Dot Gallows entries are from Japan. So much of the news there has just been purely horrifying, that I figure a little lightening up will be useful.

You'll be glad to know that Japan is now Safe To Visit! We know for sure!

Our Primary Source of Truth And Expertise has proclaimed it. Lady Gaga. Of course.

"Pop singer Lady Gaga has assured the world that Japan is safe to visit following the March 11th earthquake and nuclear accident."

Thank goodness, we can relax at last. If you find it a bit peculiar that the Japanese government is relying on pop singers for public relations expertise, you may want to consider Item Two for the Polka Dot Gallows today:

If you're wondering if Homer Simpson is actually in charge of nuclear power oversight in Japan, wonder no more. They've fired him; and replaced him with The Three Stooges. (And yes, you're correct, they're dead.)

See, Tepco has installed a nifty new "American made" filtering system, so they can filter out some of the incredibly radioactive crud in the water in their basements, and then, maybe, reuse that water to "cool" the corium still melting its way through their reactor floors.

Except, after several days; the nifty new filters are not working.

They think, today, they may have finally figured out why.

Basically - they hadn't turned it on. That was the "American built" system. Just incidentally, for more fun, they add "The test-run was interrupted on Tuesday after a pump to send water into French-made decontamination equipment stopped, also due to the wrong setting of a valve."

So we're in good hands, folks. Lady Gaga and The Three Stooges.

Hopefully there's someone a little more adept in charge in Nebraska right now. They're close enough to us that I am, in fact, worried. Although the Nuclear Regulatory Commission now has 6 people on site, instead of the normal 2; and are putting out press releases that they've "made extensive preparations" - I have yet to see any statement that the cooling systems of these plants were designed to run under water, with no electricity.

And do remember how forthcoming all the world governments have been, and the power companies, and the press, with information about malfunctioning reactors.


e4 said...

Greenpa, what do you make of reports that nuclear material is being stored in a building outside the water-protected area at Fort Calhoun? There's not much information here (a little ways down), but it might be something to keep an eye on:

I'm more concerned about these Nebraska plants because the media is NOT covering it. I mean, when have you known the media to show restraint and not sensationalize a story like this? Especially after what's happened in Japan. I'd expect any self-respecting ratings-driven news outfit jump on this and scream, "Tune in at 11 to find out why we may all be doomed to a radioactive future. Our experts fill us in on what forms of cancer your children would be most likely to contract."

That makes me wonder what's influencing them to sit on their hands and keep blathering on about Palin, Weiner, Gaga, et al. Maybe they are and I'm just missing it. Or maybe they figure we're beyond caring. Or maybe there just arent many good journalists left. But my initial reaction is to wonder if the story's being purposely stifled.

Greenpa said...

e4- I looked at the info. It's very hard to sift reality out of what anyone is telling us. It seems they're saying there are "dry casks" outside and subject to flooding.

They're supposed to be totally sealed; I suspect that's mostly true. In which case a little flooding is not too likely to cause trouble with them.

The statement that "the buildings are waterproof" is not likely to be true, at all. They'll leak. But how much; is up for grabs.

Susan Och said...

"Polka Dot Gallows"! I thought that this was a post about guinea hens for dinner.........