Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Casts have changed from the good old plaster-of-paris days.  

(click for bigger view)

Not only do they come in the color of your choice- with, or without glitter- but they weigh a small fraction of the old ones.  And they were insistent about fixing up the bear, too.  And Smidgen was insistent that the "I told you so!" had to go on the bear's cast as well as her own.

Winter sun makes for interesting photographs.

And, yeah; in case you were wondering, we're pretty sure Smidgen is the most beautiful child on the planet.

The doctor who put the cast on told her she was "awesome!" for the way she just took it all in stride.


AKfitknit said...

I can't tell from the pictures... did she choose with or without glitter? If it were my daughter, it would definitely be "with". Hope her arm heals quickly and well.

Greenpa said...

Knit- definitely "with"; the sun does drown it out. :-)
And thanks- she's already looking for more places to fall from; and the pain is fading fast.

seth said...

gotta luv those dimples!!

Theresa said...

Wow, she looks so grown up, compared to the pictures you'd post when I first started reading your blog! Sending lots of glitter-filled healing vibes: ~~~~~~~~~~ :)

Susan Och said...

Kids are resilient, but expect the emotion and the anxiety of the experience to come back at you with a vengeance sometime when you least expect it.

I remember ten days after my oldest was hospitalized overnight with dehydration from rota virus. It was pring and I was sitting on the porch, petting the dog, waving at the neighbors as they drove by, tears streaming down my face. Nothing was wrong. Everything was just right and that was enough to bowl me over.

Anonymous said...

My little one was excited to see your precious little girl in a pink cast, just like the one she had in the fall, no glitter option here though! My "baby" has a lot in common with yours, in that despite all our best efforts to teach how to and not to go down a slide goofing off and going down on her feet ended up with a trip to the doctor and a pretty pink cast!

Be watchful when Smidgen complains about the itchiness, after only one week my angel had had enough, braced her hand on the floor, put a foot on either side of the cast, and did her best to force it off. Nearly succeeded too!

If you think Smidgen would get a kick out of seeing another little girl in a cast email and I'll send one.

On the fridge "debate" I'm afraid I'm not ready to give mine up yet, although when our old one cratered we went without for almost two monthes and did just fine, just more planning involved. It is definately possible, no milk guzzling involved!


Unknown said...

Ah, Greenpa, she is beautiful! Thanks for the smile I needed today. :)

Haven't weighed in on the great fridge debate but I've personally found some middle ground ... the chest freezer with beer-fridge-thermostat-doodad, allowing a fridge-like contraption on much less power than a conventional fridge. Might be a middle ground concept to toss into the ring. ;)

~J~ said...

Greenpa- for some reason my bookmark for your blog is stuck on 'a change in plans' - hence the 'it's been over a month' comment. Glad I finally asked, or I might never have figured out that there was a problem

Just wanted to tell you that I'm enjoying reading all I've missed...and that, as many have already stated, your little Smidgen is absolutely beautiful~

Nikki said...

Hi! How did you get the glitter on her cast? My four-year old just fractured her arm and is getting a cast on next Tuesday... she asked me if it could have glitter on it.... my ortho doesn't have any. I'd LOVE some ideas of how you did that.
Thank you,
nmcdougal at gmail dot com

Greenpa said...

Nikki- if the doc can't do the glitter, it's not too hard to do yourself. Our doc was all prepared.

You can buy "spray glitter", which should last a while, or you can buy "glitter glue", which you could spread over the cast without harm I think.

Either should cheer your girl up.