Saturday, February 7, 2009

thar's gold in them thar molars

The bad molar is out.  Those of you who've had a molar pulled will know what that means.  It was badly infected, under an old crown; no way to save it.  

So, taking it easy today; doctors orders on day one; no spitting, no drinking through straws, no heavy work or lifting.  They don't want to take any chance on dislodging the blood clot in the hole left by the tooth.

The economic collapse played a role in the tooth pulling, as it does in everything.  We had to call all over the place to find a dentist who was willing to take an emergency, on our state medical insurance.  Only one.  60 miles away.  Over back roads- bumpy.

Spice got to drive me, of course; really was not capable of driving, either way; got a little shocky after the extraction, too.

But hey, I've got the gold crown!  I'm guessing it's about $100 worth of gold.


Still pretty achey both from the pulling and the infection, but at least the pain is decreasing now, instead of increasing.  And the brain is fuzzed from the painkillers.

Naptime, I think.  :-)


Crunchy Chicken said...

I hope you feel better. And, definitely, try to avoid that dreaded "dry socket".

I think I may have strep, so I'm off to the doc to find out!

Anonymous said...

Are you going to get an implant? I have some fairly funny stories about my adventures getting mine, but the bottom line it is seems the most durable PO tooth choice.

Hope you feel better soon. And yes, you do not want dry socket.


Anonymous said...

Teeth are a real pain in the arse, except they're in your mouth. Howdy - I'm just visiting via Experiments in Efficiency. Love your adventures.

Greenpa said...

Crunchy- yuck! fingers crossed it's not strep. Whatever it is- have some tea, and naps. I suppose chicken soup is out? :-)

MEA - I wish. My state insurance won't pay for implants, pretty sure. Too pricey. I like titanium, though; maybe in the future.

Anonymous said...

So why haven't you set up a tip jar yet?

Theresa said...

Hope you're starting to feel better, and that you were able to avoid the dry socket, that is not at all nice. Glad you got to keep the gold!

tickmeister said...

I'm surprised that a guy who gets along without a refrigerator doesn't pull his own teeth. All you got to do is tie a piece of rawhide around a 20 lb. or so rock, tie the other end to the tooth with a little less cord than the distance from your tooth to the ground, then give it a toss. (The rock, not the tooth) I have actually seen this done. Lots of screaming, cussing, and spitting of blood, but the tooth comes out.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better and that the spate of accidents is over.

kasey said...

I've just discovered your blog through reading Crunchy Chicken's. You are living the life! I have lovely dreams of a "cabin"-reared childhood for my kids. However I married my opposite, who lovingly describes me as a "treehugger" and a "communist". LOL. I grew up visiting a cabin with no running water and an outhouse (everyone I knew growing up thought it was insane; and it was only for vacactions! I LOVED it! My parents are thinking of moving back to this way of life after they retire (into the cabin). No indoor bathroom or shower (in Northern Minnesota). I really hope they do. My mom throws the greywater out of the back steps onto the earth; until they get their garden going. In the summer we bathe the kids (if they are beyond muddy) in the sunshine on the porch. It's the original and best way to live. Good for you. I am going to start following your blog to get more ideas on living the right way.

Leila Abu-Saba said...

I hope you are all better now, Greenpa. Take care of those choppers, now!

I have started a new blog devoted to food security and sustainable living in my urban Bay Area neighborhood. It's called Think Global, Eat Laurel

I've linked to your place because you have so much info people need to comprehend. For instance, they tell us California is going to run out of water and lose all its ag in 40 years. So sez Sec'y of Energy yesterday. Ulp. I went into a faint, then despair, then decided:

Compost toilet!

It's the first time I've had the guts to broach the subject w my high-tech hubbie. Since I was right about the economic bust, way ahead of time, he is kindly listening to me and promises he'll consider it.

Your blog about how you live is a great inspiration and I want my neighbors in our garden suburb of Oakland to know about it.

Hope you see fit to add Think Global, Eat Laurel to your blog roll, and I thank you in advance...

Dessa said...

Hello, I sure hope that mouth of yours is feeling better. I hate going to the dentist! Not sure if you would like to participate or not but I just tagged you and your blog in the Nightstand Tag. Go here to check it out if you are interested: