Friday, September 5, 2008

And the good news is...

Definitely in the "WHAT!!!!!!??????????" category.

According to the BBC - climate modelers are now reassuring us that Sea Levels will NOT rise - more than 2 METERS by 2100.

Oh, thank goodness!!  That's all right then.  The ocean will not rise more than 6 feet in our children's lifetimes.  (oh, and ours - I'm not really intending to check out for a good 30 years yet.)

This is good news.  Apparently.

Seriously- it's happening, far far faster than even crackpots like me were muttering.

Move away from the coasts- the sooner the better.  There are going to be millions upon millions of very unhappy refugees- oh, anytime now.


Anonymous said...

Jeez dude, lighten up!. Don't be such a downer. (or drowner). Everybody else on the planet is having orgies full of fun babbling about "politics"!!

It's me said...

Hey Greenpa,
Thanks for your thoughts over at Crunchy's house.

I suppose you don't have a suggestion for learning more? Figuring out where I stand? How to deal with a government you're not real comfortable with when it's the same entity that puts clothes on your back and food in your mouth?

Thanks though.

Greenpa said...

Hey, Meadowlark. History! Is kind of my answer for everything. Of course, you need to get your hands on the REAL stuff. :-)

I'd start with Charles Dickens' "A Child's History of England". It's an eye-opener. The title was originally meant to be ironic, I'm pretty sure- it's very bloody, grimly sour on the aristocracy, and human nature in general. And dead true. Shiploads of information about the very questionable origins of our world.

One of the things "they" train us to- is the expectation of easy, simple, answers.

Bad news, there...

Hang in there. We're all in this together. :-)

It's me said...

I'll check that out at the library (if they have it). Thanks. Feel free to jot down anything you think of in the "stop being an idiot" section of your blog ;)

I've been trying very hard to keep this quote in mind: "If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be."
--Thomas Jefferson to C. Yancey, 1816.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Reagan isn't still around. He would claim, of course, that a rising tide lifts all boats, George H. Bush would claim that was Voodoo Climatology, and the neocons would formulate a theory that terrorists were melting the ice caps so that US coastal Real Estate {where the wealthy live and own summer homes} would be wiped out, or more exactly, submerged. I don't think it matters all that much now who gets elected.
The car has already skidded across the highway, has broken the steel barrier, and is airborne, all that's left is that tumble to the ravine 3000 feet below. Six more feet of water at the coasts is our least pressing problem. There are plenty of more dire consequences already underway. Methane release from the ice caps is one of them.
Hey, and how about some guinea photos already? Screw the politics, I want poultry!

Rev. Peter Doodes said...

And just think of all those sea and river based nuclear power stations... I can imagine the slogan 'Nuclear Power, it will take your breath away!'

Anonymous said...

Stijn and Me gave the best agrument for 10 more years prohibition. We do not like that and we hope to be allowed to help and accepted in the family.The preasure between the outdated practice and the new demands in Poland in the area of addiction treatments has enourmous potential. Hapily Poland is not old EU and not under Russian influence. Russia is the main problems. Here we can do it,if Russia's owners are helpless to harm longer. Mainly - GreenPa, sorry for many things. Milena and Stijn with love

knutty knitter said...

We moved already. When the spring tides flooded the old hen run I thought it was time to move. The old house was only about a meter higher than the hen run after all. It was a beautiful spot too but at least here we won't get flooded anytime soon. And the hens have dry feet :)

viv in nz

Anonymous said...

This is a serious subject, but someone recently sent me a link and I thought it might give someone a laugh :

★Jasmine said...

visiting here ;)

Anonymous said...

Sea level rising only a coupla meters? Who needs that arable land-food-crops stuff anyway? Apparently we're supposed to be buying boats as the ideal way to live in the post-collapse chaos we call The Future.

Better hope there will still be some good fishing somewhere though, because humans are pretty bad at living on just algae and sunlight. Hmmm... maybe with some genetic modifications, we might just be able...

Anonymous said...

Hey, Greenpa, don't scare me ... My family and I are still in So. FL. We do plan to move to rural New England, but haven't done so yet due to my husband holding on to his job here.

I had a recurring dream as a child that the sea had risen and my mother and I were holding on to an ironing board (I don't even own an ironing board nowadays!) with the roaring sea surrounding us while we anxiously viewed the top of buildings. Yes, I would then wake up.

I've always love the sea, but respect it as well.

When do you think So. FL will be under water? Aquifers here are already being affected. I know the IPCC is off the mark. Fred Pearce's book "With Speed and Violence" paints a scary picture regarding possible imminent climate change.

How soon is the question.


Hank Roberts said...

In hurricane season, coast moves to _you_.

Watch out for Ike, per the rain forecast a few days from now in your area. This storm looks like it's going to go right up tornado alley after it leaves Texas.