Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My brain hurts.

I'm assuming you're all familiar with the Monty Python skit.  It seems like the "WHAT!!!!??" events are piling up faster and faster these days.  Pick a subject, any subject.

I'm officially boggled, and will not attempt commentary at the moment.  I'm retreating to poultry.

Guineas are thriving; most are spending their days in free range conditions now; lots of details coming there.  Big news is; we're now attempting to integrate our birds- the teenage guineas, and the 1/4 grown chickens.  I moved 5 chicks from the brooder tub into the real world of the guinea pen just hours ago.

Primary response from both species seems to be: consternation.  "WHAT!!!???"

Hey, join the club.


Kim said...

I'm an Alaskan. I have been feeling an overwhelming amount of "WHAT!?!"

This is exacerbated not only every time I turn on the news, or npr (which I ALWAYS have on all day anyway)... but every time I'm approached by a reporter from some national news outlet (5 times since Friday. FIVE TIMES after never in my entire life before having SEEN a national reported up here, let alone being approached by one.)

Greenpa said...

Kim- wow! 5! what a hoot- in a disturbing way. Have fun with it, anyway!

Anonymous said...

I am glad that liberating forces have finally reached the guineas. I hope they are munching plenty of ticks. How is The Bruce doing with the bird patrol? Here, it's the dance of the Big Twisters all month.
Hanna is pulling away now, Ike is next. Josephine looks scary. There's more behind them. This year is a lot like the Hugo year and the Georges year. Not good.
Well, happy harvesting and bird herding. If you don't hear from me later this month, you can assume a big wind had something to do with it.

Nancy M. said...

Glad you're guineas are doing well. Since I last posted here, we have lost 3 guineas. The first 2 I found feathers, so I knew they were killed by something. The last one, I just don't know what happened. My husband says I need a .22.