Saturday, June 16, 2007


Sorry I haven't been able to post for so long; still on the road. It was more hectic than anticipated, which is mostly a good thing apart from the wear and tear.

Currently sitting in the Chicago Amtrak station again, on the way home. Having gone both ways, I have to say I like the experience.

Will be posting soon, but the reality is- is slept in a coach seat last night- not ideal rest conditions.

The Planet Picnic is coming up this next week!

Of course what that means is- HALF THE YEAR IS ALREADY GONE.

Always a startling discovery on June 21. Time to take a little time- for friends, just to enjoy, and to think.

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Willow said...

Just a note about keeping eggs without refrigeration. We lived in the tropics with a kerosene frig but no room for eggs. We simply turned them once a week. Just in case one egg went bad we always cracked them over a separate bowl so the bad egg didn't contaminate the whole bowlful of ingredients.