Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cranky Mom-

Update: We're definitely rained out; what follows below the line was written earlier. Cracks me up! Ah, well; typical of Mom, she does what she wants- so we'll work around her. Saturday now, for us. A good example, perhaps- nobody needs to feel upset if they have to work it a little differently.

In Diversity is the salvation of the world.

(gosh, pontificating is like really fun! no wonder the pope does it so much!)


Mom as in Mother Nature- she's giving me fits at the moment; we've got a BIG chance of violent thunderstorms this evening, which would make it pretty darn hard to really have a picnic. But, of course, you can't really tell from the most advanced radar whether it's going to hit us, or not. Nothing like a good solid front moving in one direction- it's broken up, and messy.

So- at the moment, our Whole Planet Picnic is still on for tonight. BUT- reality is, we might get rained out. If so, that would be the FIRST TIME in 15 years; normally the solstice is not very stormy; unlike the equinoxes. If we do get rained out, we'll reschedule for Saturday. If Mom is going to be cranky about it, then we'll go with convenience in spite of her moods.

A little rain wouldn't stop us- but that's not what they're predicting. Violent storms- not great for conversation.

I'm SO delighted with those of you who've joined up. Please have a lovely evening. We will; storms or not.

Take pictures!! We'll certainly put some up here.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps change is in the air -- in our Denver neighborhood, violent winds ripped several hundred-year-old evergreen trees up by the roots today. Rescheduling is a grand plan.

Greenjoycie said...

I WISH it had rained Thursday. My tomatoes had their tongues hanging out.