Monday, April 16, 2007

Slowing, slightly.

Claudia's comment to the previous post - has the ring of well observed truth. And it meshes with my own experiences too.

I'm going to follow her advice, and mine- and Crunchy's; and slow down here just a bit. I've been shooting for a post every day; but in fact that may not be a good sustainable goal. I've felt a little pinched at times; and some of the readers are saying they'd like more time to digest as well.

I greatly appreciate RC's request NOT to slow down; but I think I have to. I DO have a whole world of other things I need to be doing, as well as this.

I'm in this for the long haul. Don't want to burn out- either me, or the readers. I'm going to shoot now for every second; or possibly every third day. I'll work on getting more blog functionality here, too; I know it's pretty basic right now.

I'll try to make sure the posts I do get out are substantive; no fillers; the other danger of pushing too hard.

Like this one. :-) This one is kind of enforced by our medical situation; too much time today waiting around for the doctors to call back- now we've got an appointment tomorrow at 7 AM, with the possible surgeon... so I'm likely to be out tomorrow, too.

Meanwhile- chew on what's here! If you haven't read the earlier posts, you might want to- I've already had several question/comments that were addressed there.


Anonymous said...

Greenpa said:

I'm in this for the long haul. Don't want to burn out- either me, or the readers.

Burnout is the worst! In a way, writing a blog is like writing a daily cartoon. I remember reading several interviews with cartoonists, and they have all kinds of creative strategies to avoid overworking themselves -- usually giving themselves a buffer of cartoons prepared in advance, so they can take a break whenever they need to.

There's always the standard "weekends-off" blog schedule. That's just five posts a week. Even if you do most of your writing on weekends, you can choose when to publish it. Most of your posts are overflowing with great topics as it is, and have content enough for 2-3 separate posts. Like add-on bit about fluorescent lights and insomnia, which already has me re-thinking my lighting and googling amber lightbulbs.

Greenpa said...

Claudia- "weekends-off" ...

What's a "weekend"??