Sunday, April 1, 2007

Out, sort of

I'm spending several days doing a "meeting"; off the farm all day, though we're coming back to sleep. So I'm seriously short on time to post here. I promise I'll be back daily, after Monday-

Meanwhile- re the refrigerator- when food is so convenient, so universally available - do we NOTICE it?

Sometimes I think the answer is no. Want some ice cream? Right there. An hour later, can you remember what flavor it was?

If it's a less common, less easy, event- it has a much larger impact. You notice. You appreciate. In fact, you get a much larger "bang" for your buck.

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WolfMamma said...

We eat icecream about 4 times a year. We started eating good real food and can't go back but can't afford to go forward so we're limited. Ice cream is SO good when it's good and you only eat in quarterly. I'm considering making it myself here in w/ fresh farm cream and picked fruit. May become only a summer commodity but so worth it.