Saturday, June 20, 2015

Some progress, perhaps - and more possible.

Long time readers here will know and remember this topic, which sets me off into rants like few things do.  We've just had an event with nearly identical causes, to my mind.

I'm not going to rant here; having already done so on this blog, and you're welcome to dig out the various versions.

What I want to observe is that just possibly, there is some progress in public reaction.  On the day of the event, every media outlet on the planet screamed the news- with big photographs of the murderer, his name, his history, and where his mother learned how to blow her nose.

Two days later - this stuff has receded dramatically; no longer "above the fold", and with far less emphasis on pointless "analysis".

I would love to think this is because many other people are now doing what I do - turning them OFF - immediately.

The instant I see the face, name - I close that media window- and will not open it again for 24 hours.  Regardless of whether I actually wanted to use the site, or not.  I can of course live without them.  I will not use any website; for 24 hours, that posts names and photographs of murderers.  Most of them kill - specifically to get their name into the news.  Don't give them what they want.

Possibly - others are as sick of this as I - and just turn it off when it happens.  The media outlets now track their responses, of course- and if they can see a drop in readership in response to a news direction; they will change it.

When I started doing this; I also went to "Contact Us" on each site, and sent them an email explaining that I was turning them off, and why.  That can be useful, too.  The Washington Post sent me a whiney juvenile response; essentially "gee whiz, we have to report the news" - ignoring what everyone knows- that they control the news; they don't just report it.

Turn them off.  Pass it on.  Maybe, someday, they'll shut up.

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