Thursday, October 2, 2014

Ebola 7. Insanity in Texas.

In the previous post I stated that plagues make humans insane.

Not only insane- but broadly brain dead.  Evidently there is no one in the state of Texas with a functioning brain.

I'm guessing that sometime in the next 24 hours, it will dawn on someone- that to require the family of the Ebola patient to.... STAY IN THEIR APARTMENT FOR 21 DAYS-  is a death sentence, for all of them.

And insanely cruel.  Tell me; is there no other apartment in the city of Dallas where these "asymptomatic" people, humans we suspect; could go instead?  So that they do not have to stay in the apartment; where the sweaty sheets and vomit of the patient - either have not yet been cleaned up; or were cleaned only after hours and hours?

Insane.  Utterly inhumane.  And blindly panicked.

Scream, for those poor people- if you can find someone to scream at.


knutty knitter said...

Also rather pointless - what about the large number of other people they came in contact with? Emergency room inhabitants for a start and people on the street, in the shops etc, etc, etc. Better border controls might have been of more use. But probably not.


Luddene said...

We don't even know out to clean up effectively! See the still photo on this video at ABC News. I didn't watch the video, just the still says 1000 words.

Anonymous said...

"Troh and her family were removed from their apartment to an undisclosed location on Friday, where they will remain for the duration of their quarantine. While the family remains in quarantine, clean-up crews returned to the family's apartment today to continue sanitizing it."

Dandruff? skin flakes? mites that ate the skin flakes? How far does one need to go?

Time will tell.

Maybe it'll turn out to be rapidly fatal to bedbugs....