Tuesday, December 4, 2012

News watchers- get your binoculars NOW...

Oh, my, my, my.  There's a really nice chunk of news going on, right this very second- and there's a free education also being offered to all serious citizens in the "reality" of how "news" reaches us.

The Washington Post, this morning, featured as its Front Page Top Headline- a story - and audio recording- apparently stemming from Bob Woodward (remember Watergate?  yeah; him.)  In the "Style" section.

The recording is of a very, very private conversation - in Afghanistan; in the office of General Petraeus.  You can hear them say "are your ears off?"  They weren't off.  It's a flat offer from Rupert Murdoch to "bankroll" a Presidential candidacy by Petraeus.  Run by the current head of Fox News.

Yep.  Read all about it.  Woodward's story here.  Also in "Style"; but a featured top headline.  For a few hours.

If you go to The Washington Post website right this minute- not one word of all this is in any headline- it's been removed.  At least- they haven't removed the links; but you have to search for them.

Are you hearing about it elsewhere?  Only if you search.  Yes, ABC and CBS have picked it up- but you won't find it on their headlines.

I think- tomorrow - you will.  But at the moment- someone is VERY very ticked off- and pressure has been brought to bear, to bury it.  For a while.  But this one is SO not going to go away.

Oh, so many questions.  Why is Fox News advising our top General?  Why are they asking him to write their headlines?  (They did.)  Why is Rupert Murdoch offering to "bankroll" our politicians?

Why is General Petraeus unaware that someone is making recordings of his conversations, in his office??  The guy who was most recently- the head of the CIA?

Oh, this one is going to be fun.  Take a look!  My guess is- they'll keep it wrapped up a little while; but not forever.  It's just way too much stinky fish.


Update; Feb. 20, 2013.    Wow.  I guess even week old stinky fish can be wrapped up so tight it won't smell.  This story; as of now, has disappeared completely.  If you didn't pick up on it within that 3 day window- you're out of luck.  Right now; all the links still work.  Send them around so they can't totally disappear.  And learn- yes; your news is controlled.


Alice Y. said...

Great story! Thanks for sharing it. What will happen next? How much corruption can the American people stomach?

Lynx said...

Well, I just got finished reading your entire blog, Greenpa. Yes, I read it from start to finish. I've really enjoyed reading it. I have to say, I'm a bit sad at how few posts you have lately, compared to when you first started.

But I know myself from trying to write in my blog, it's not the easiest thing to start blogposts! Far easier to respond to something. And Life can be one challenge after another, leaving little time for writing. But perhaps don't try to make the informational posts perfect...just get them out there.

Anyways, I have a couple questions regarding "green living". Feel free to point me to other blogposts if they have good explanations there.

I know incandescent light bulbs are being phased out. I do not care for CFLs. What do you think are the best type of lighting, and why? Halogens? LEDs? Incandescent? Beeswax candles? I'm a fan of Solartubs, but they don't work very well when it's dark, and when it gets dark at 4:00 pm I like other sources of light.

Do you have any books or authors to recommend for reading on sustainable living? Like for tree crops, cattle, sheep, guineas, etc. Not asking for any deep searching, just some of the things that you've read and have been helpful. :)

What do you think of strawbale houses? Earthbag? Earthship? Cob? Log? What kind of foundation does your house have? does it have a basement cellar? or is your only cellar the one away from the house?

Why did you choose to put the cellar and house in two different spots? After living in that set-up for years, would you choose to do anything differently if you could do it over again?

Everything I read about building houses or cellars or barns, always say to make sure you build in a well-drained spot. How do you know if it's a well-drained spot? What are the indicators?

What is the size of your cabin? Would you have chosen to make it smaller or larger? Would you still make the roof as steep, or choose to make it with a gentler slope? Would you do anything different regarding the window size and placement?

Do you have a separate wood stove for heating and cooking, or does yours do double duty? What is it called?

Where did you get the idea for a sod poultry house, and why did you abandon it? What is your permanent chicken housing now? Are you still having problems with Daisy and the poultry? Do you still have her, or no? Did you get another dog? Do you have any other livestock? Are you planning to get any? If so, why, and when?

Hope life is treating you well! :)

Anonymous said...

Have only just today stumbled on this post of yours, and this is the first I've heard of this story. If it's a story that's not going away, it's doing a good impersonation of one that already has.

Corruption? Wot corruption?

Greenpa said...

Pedantry- I've got to say; I'm surprised at how thoroughly this was removed from headlines, and how quickly. Particularly with that writer involved; I expected it to be suppressed, but then resurface. Maybe it still will! Educational about power, for sure.

Greenpa said...

Lynx- thanx. :-) I'm honored, and somewhat stimulated, and simultaneously, I got lots of laughs there. "Hey, please tell me everything you know!" is actually a request I get fairly frequently; and often with no realization on the part of the asker about what's truly involved. I think you realize. :-)