Sunday, July 15, 2012

Grab this one quick!

The rumors today that the US Justice Dept. is preparing CRIMINAL! charges for some folks over the Libor fixing scandal - has got the folks on Wall Street seriously spooked!  (What!  Golly!!  You mean- you were expecting us to follow the rules!??  We had no idea!!)  And we've got the proof right here!

Bloomberg News feed is currently (but not, I bet, for long) running THIS headline:

Yep, that's right.  There may be charges- in Sepetmeber!

LOL!!!  For a news service that certainly strives for cool and correct- Sepetmeber is just a really huge whoopsie.  Only accountable as- oh, some nerves, maybe?  Or, maybe that's how you spell it, in Amercia?
UPDATE; next day, the URL is still working, to my amazement- but they DID change the resulting headline, to something quite different, and spelled correctly.  Tres amusant.


billhicksmostfunny said...

Freudian slip no?---amerCIA, the last three letters !?!


What's on his mind?

billhicksmostfunny said...

Freudian slip no? amerCIA, the last three letters (CIA) at least......

You heard what Cheney said about another 9/11 and wanting Romney in the White House right?

We're doomed.......:-)