Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal what??

My favorite of the various responses to the Royal Hoo Hah:

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knutty knitter said...

Says it all really but thats how our system still works. There have been talks about becoming a republic but nobody can really be bothered with all the fuss that would entail so they just limited the powers down to nothing instead. Personally I'd rather not have that bit of dna - its a very guilded cage.

viv in nz

Olivia said...

I think that the Royal Family and the Middletons paid for the actual wedding: the taxpayers will probably pony up for security but is that different from anywhere else? The G20 Summit that was held in Toronto last year cost Canadian taxpayers (me) over a billion dollars.....and for what? What came out of it? The Obama inauguration cost about 170 million. I could go on but you get the point . . .

What is wrong with humans that we too often want to criticize and b**** about things and look at the negative side of life? Does putting others down make us feel better about ourselves?

Dea-chan said...

Am I the only one who DIDN'T hear anything about their wedding?

All I personally saw, was that when I got an email from post canada telling me my package was in the mail, they had a little link for "limited edition wedding stamps". This was five days ago, and that's all I've heard. When was the actual wedding?

Greenpa said...

Dea-chan said...
Am I the only one who DIDN'T hear anything about their wedding?"

Yup! :-) And good for you, I might add.

Olivia- I didn't pay any attention to the costs aspect; it was more the strange behavior we all show of worshipping celebrities; of whatever origin, regardless of past histories.

I have no reason to think the couple in this case are anything but nice people (the rude portrayal in the cartoon notwithstanding) but I do share the mild amazement at the hullaballoo over these unknown people- just because of their extremely questionable ancestors. I was given a copy of Charles Dickens "A Child's History of England" long ago (it's not for children) - and do have to share Dickens opinion that history does not paint England's royals as being good, kind, moral creatures; but quite the reverse.

I wish the couple well- they appear to be harmless. But I do find our collective behavior amusing.


Knutty - so, earthquakes, now tornadoes- they're still missing you, I trust!

Olivia said...

Greenpa - This "unknown couple" - at least the male half - and I share at least one of those extremely questionable ancestors so perhaps I, too, have some of those immoral genes ;)

Aside from that - as a Canadian, while not a "monarchist" - we, too, are members of the Commonwealth so perhaps the Royal Family means something a little different here?

I also am bewildered by the cult of celebrity. It's not as common here. Unlike Obama, our Prime Minister is not a celebrity. There is no fanfare surrounding his election and no "inauguration" (crowning?) of him/her. He could probably pass unnoticed in a crowd. We have no "Hollywood" - probably the closest thing we have to a celebrity would be a hockey player such as "Sid the Kid" who would be a celebrity only as long as his hockey skills were up to scratch!

Rev. Peter Doodes said...

Well Greenpa; you are entitled to your opinion, but it's sad that you have to be so negative about an event that really did touch millions.