Friday, October 8, 2010

More to be pitied, than scorned.

For you infants, that's an old put down for a young lady who got herself knocked up without benefit of matrimony.

But it's also a shoe that fits many MBAs and businessmen. They're in a sociopathic culture; and indeed many have been sucked in and indoctrinated in it, without being, at their cores, actual sociopaths.

There are real, genetic, natural sociopaths on Wall Street, to be sure. But if you'll check the definitions there, sociopaths love to manipulate people; it gives them big warm fuzzies down in their iceberg hearts. They love to be admired. Worshiped.

Emulated. So indeed, one good born sociopath thriving as a successful hedge fund CEO (for example) will spawn dozens more; the weak, easily led, who follow in the shining footsteps, and, of course, often will strive to "out Herod Herod", as they seek their idol's praise.

Nasty little positive feedback loops, all over, in this mess.

But. Before the entire business community descends on me in fury, explaining they are not sociopaths, at all, but "good people"; who kiss their children good night, and give money to the United Way once a year -

Sure. Not all businessmen and women are sociopaths - by nature.

But. Take a good look at what you do, every day. And. How many times a week do you find yourself justifying some hurtful, harmful activity with "Look, this is business."

Yes it is. Blind pure self-interest, all others be damned.

So, if, dear businessman, you're feeling wounded that the entire world (it's not just me, you know) is starting to actually speak up and say we all loathe you- keep in mind that like the pregnant 15 year-old, many of us out here can see your problem, and we do feel compassion.

It's a sad place to be, no doubt.

What we need, obviously, is a good Twelve Step Program; to become a "Recovering Business-Sociopath."

And don't I wish I were joking.


Sharlene T. said...

I so agree with you... Where did that horrible phrase come from -- "It's only business," anyway?... Just means they're gonna get the better of you and you're not supposed to complain... Keep posting your articles... I'm not sure I can feel pity for them, though... They knew what they were doing from the start... If you remember, Old Andy Jackson warned the people against turning their country over to the bankers... But, we knew better... Yup, we knew better... Come visit when you can...

Anonymous said...

I know you are not joking for sure, but...
if i were a businessman who kisses his children good night etc. - would i go into a 12-step-program - why ?
so that my children would "drink from the same water fountain" ?
i think we all try our hardest to do the best for our offspring and if one has already made quite a few choices that put him above others - he will make them again and again...
the underage pregnancies do not in general dissolve on their own,
i think the analogy holds up very well - in both cases procreation is the key
which makes the situation even more sad.


gaias daughter said...

More and more I hear friends, neighbors, and even relatives saying, "The free market solves all problems if we will just let it do its thing." I wonder when did the free market become our new God? When did the bottom line of business become the bottom line of our value system? I don't understand how it all got so screwy. I really don't.