Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's Just Spring-

  Not dead here, just slowly subsiding into the great mud sea.

  It's been a strange 5 months in Lake Wobegon...  so to speak.  :-)

  For the first time in many years, it froze up in late November, and really didn't thaw, at all until about a week ago.  And since it started to thaw, it hasn't stopped.  45° days, 36° nights, one after another, with a few variations, on the up side.

  So, an insane work load right now.  Not going to get better anytime soon, but I should be able to get here more often now.

  Oh, and, incidentally.

  Stepping in thawed dog poo with your YakTrax on is not recommended.


Sharlene T. said...

Let's keep our fingers crossed that you don't have to add rain to your snow water levels. Cheer up. Spring is here. Have a great day and thanks for sharing.

knutty knitter said...

Slippery and smelly huh!

Not recommended when weeding the garden either...despite having gloves :)

going wintery round here and I just got my first tomatoes ripe.

viv in nz

Beelar said...

Heehee. The piles of horse apples aren't so bad- though the cats didn't seem to appreciate the muck too much. They'd been essentially indoors for about a month, and today they have to use the outdoors just like the dogs and horses– and not a sandbox in sight.

Two new species heard today on the farm: eastern bluebird and spring peeper. Seems early!

Cavegal said...

Slightly off topic, but I have to share, I unplugged my refrigerator today!! I am actually really excited about this as I have been a vegetarian for over 3 1/2 years. Only occasionally eat cheese and try to purchase food in the way the Europeans do which is just enough for two or max three days.

This is my second year doing container and earth box gardening as I am an urbanite living in the city limits in a cosmopolitan city in Texas. Wish me luck. I'm pretty damn sure I can do it!

Anonymous said...

Miss you. Hope all is well.

Greenpa said...

Debbie- thanks. It matters. :-)