Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My machines are revolting.

I've spent the last 4 days in machine hell.  Okay, it's only the 3rd level; but it's still hell.

First- my computer died.  Spent a day trying to fix it myself.  Nope.  So then had to spend a day taking it 130 miles to the nearest Apple store- where, in fact, they fixed it under warranty in 3 hours.  Needed a new internal hard drive.  And they apologized for that.

Then it took a day to re-tune the computer; even with a good backup to restore from, there's still a little stuff here, and there, that's not quite right.

Then, this morning- I tried to shift our cooking back to propane, after a couple days on wood (very chilly right now) - but; the connector is now leaking gas, very noisy, very fast.  I don't see why, yet- but it's unusable.

I could, of course, go back to wood... except; we just had 2" of rain, and it's all wet.  Our normal stash of dry wood had been allowed to get low, for the summer- and we used it all...

So- I need my chainsaw, to cut some more dry wood.  Except- the cap on the oil reservoir leaks like crazy just now.  Need a new one.  Means a trip to town- 30 miles...

I want my coffee.


Even off the grid- we depend on machines.  I will live without my coffee, in June, of course.  But in winter- we really need to own two chain saws.  In case.

Oh, yeah, and Spice had a flat tire on the pickup; and the pickup power steering is out on the left side...  but those are just women's problems.  No biggie.  (nudge nudge, wink wink.)


Lisa Carroll-Lee said...

They do that don't they -- turn on you all at once!

Tara said...

Heh - it'll top out around 95 degrees here today. We could just about cook on the pavement, I think!

Yes, they do crap out at the same time, I find. Best of luck with all that...

knutty knitter said...

Its like appointments - nothing for weeks then three or four on the same day and at least two other events which you now can't get to! Murphy's Law rules :)

Added another blanket this week. Winter has well and truly arrived.

viv in nz

tickmeister said...

Two is one, one is none. I alternate between two Stihl chainsaws so that I know they both work. A man without a chansaw is like something without something, but I can't think of a simile that adequately expresses the horror.

49 Deg. and raining yesterday morning in NW Missouri, so I built a fire. Can't remember that ever before. I am burning tires in the backyard as I write to try and kickstart global warming.

healinggreen said...

Argh. That is awful. I do find that my own machines reflect my moods, especially my car and computer, so when they start going a little nuts, I sit down and try to relax, and see what is goin on in my own mind that they might be reflecting... I know, its a little out there, but from a physics point of view we have electromagnetic fields, and so do our machines, and when they meet, well, its not always copacetic... Just a thought. Good luck!

RC said...

How about a beaver on a leash? On a serious note, even I have two chainsaws. But of course, one hasn't worked since 2002. But it has the parts if I am lucky that day.
I'm thinking about training Formosan Termites to cut down heavy timber by close order drill. Perhaps Sousa Marches would be the proper element. I understand that termites also can very efficiently release hydrogen from paper. You might want to look into this if the beaver doesn't work out.
Termites work 24 hour days, are very ambitious, and don't have to leave the job to eat. I'm also investigating the composting possibilities for those massive tree forts they make.
Good luck with the Rebellion of the Things.