Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Interruptus Totalis. Computerus Deadus.

I'm using Harry Potter style puppy Latin there.

I'm typing this on our 2nd backup computer; waiting for Beelar to herd me through the hoops on restoring and reformatting my nice new MacBook, which refused to boot for me today.  Diagnostics say "bad node. - reformat disc."  

Hate when that happens.  Won't lose any data; just time; and am trying to figure out WHY the disc got corrupted.  I'm fearing a virus.  The backups are clean, anyway.


On the Chickenus front- the Dominique is back with the flock; and we've decided it really is a hen.  Two factors; we had it IN the Little House for 48 hours, doing rest and recuperation; and once in that time, it went through the "cut-cut-ka-DAWWWcut" routine- which is supposed to accompany egg laying (no egg, alas) - and is really not a vocalization you expect from a rooster.

And- once restored to the flock- the two Buff Orp roosters really started showing their opinion that this is a hen.  Lots of chasing and treading.

Which might, in fact, be what the chicken was doing so far away- the Orps are really agressive and persistent- and I can see the Dominique possibly running so far off that she got lost.

Maybe.  The good side- even though she was undoubtedly in the dogs mouth- she's really totally undamaged at this point.  Though not enthusiastic about the dog being nearby.

Thanks- all you guys who chimed in with real world experience.  I learned a bunch of useful stuff!  Like that Dominique hens can show spur stubs.



Doyu Shonin said...

Morituri te salutamus!

Greenpa said...

Risa- and just what did Cesar say back? I've often wondered!