Monday, December 1, 2008

Crunchy gave me a disease.

Scary, huh?  Diseases are evolving; and Crunchy Chicken obviously gave me her Outback Disease, via the internet.  Vibes are contagious!

My back went out on me on Friday.  No question in my mind but that it's Crunchy's fault.  That would make it one of the new ITDs; Internet Transmitted Diseases.  So far, it's only the back though, I haven't caught her astonishing taste in gross-out jokes.  Thank goodness.

And, because I'm someone who believes in being prepared- I actually managed to nip this episode in the bud.  Today I'm basically back to 90% functionality, because of my amazing breadth of experience and deep wisdom.

(that's humor, guys)

I was putting on a sock.  That's all.  And Crunchy's Outback Disorder hit.  Whammo- back spasm.  I am subject to them, and they can cost a week, or two, to get over.  Boy, do I ever not have the time for this.

Luckily- I was right near the bed.  So I was able to just get right back in, as quickly as possible, and do relaxation exercises to keep the spasm from spreading or getting worse.

That's been my experience, several times.  If I'm way out in the field somewhere when the spasm hits, and I have to keep walking/driving tractor or whatever for a while to get where I can lie down, the spasm will grow, intensify, and take much longer to heal.  This time, I recognized it, and immediately got off it.

It still took two days flat in bed to really counteract it, but that's hugely cheaper than a week, or two weeks, with all that pain.  The pain is also much less the sooner you can lie down.  Also used heavy ibuprofen to knock down inflammation, and a hot water bottle to help relax muscles on the second day.

Right now I owe a bunch of folks some good replies to their comments.  I'll get there, I think.  But I also have to go out and get some firewood right quick; in the 5" of snow that fell yesterday.  Lots of fun potential for little slips and jerks there!

So, Crunch- how's YOUR back doing?  And thanks, so much, for the suggestion!  :-P


Crunchy Chicken said...

Man, and I thought that Andrew Weil voodoo doll I was poking in the back all day on Thursday was just a fun toy!

Well, my back is feeling better, but more like 80%. The original spasm lasted about 3 seconds but that was enough to put me out of commission. I'm still stiff and can't exactly bend over, but I'm doing a whole lot better.

I'd send you some happy drugs, but I'm fairly certain it's illegal to send narcotics through USPS. Good luck with that firewood - you're making my back seize up just thinking about it.

And, next time I send you my newly developed ITD technology, it will be the Sick Joke Disease. Frankly that joke was the cleanest one I know. They only get much, much worse.

D. Lollard said...

I have lower back problems, which I blame on spending way too much of my life sitting at desks. But that doesn't stop the pain.

A friend loaned us this book, which helped so much we bought a copy. I've learned a lot about my muscles (many of which I didn't even know existed), why different places hurt when they do, and--most importantly--how to help myself.

Anyone who gets aches, cramps, tension, subluxations--get this book from your library!

And today I gotta tune up the chainsaw, and cut some more wood. It's our first winter with the woodstove, and the wood is going fast!!

Greenpa said...

Crunchita- "The original spasm lasted about 3 seconds but that was enough to put me out of commission."

Yeah, the initial spasm is fast, but my impression is that you can have like "after-shock spasms" for the next half hour or so; if you keep moving. At least twice, for me- immediately lying down has really cut the damage.

And all your other jokes are worse?? eyow. Maybe we should have some joke therapy here.

What's purple and goes "slam, slam, slam, slam?"

A four-door grape.

What's purple and lives at the bottom of the ocean?

Moby grape.

see, stuff you can share with your children, without blighting their entire social futures. :-)

Donald- yep, too much time sitting is a major contributor. Hard to get around it.

Anonymous said...

Damn, it is contagious....I swear my back started twinging in sympathy when I read about yours :)
Or it could be all the weeding I did on the weekend....