Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Equal opportunity.

Amid all the discussions of tough times, inequity, and iniquity; in all the fault finding and divisive partisan finger pointing, all the edgy racial and cultural tension; I'm delighted to present you with..  this.

Ok, it's ghoulish, rotten, tasteless, and wrong of me, but this does have a bit of a funny side to it.

Just so everyone knows; solid, salt-of-the-earth, rural, Minnesota families; who share a long-time landscaping business- can get testy and go right off the deep end, just like any evildoers from your worst nightmare.


Embezzlement seems to be getting less popular.  Has to be frustration with Wall Street, don't you think?  Maybe you should email this to your favorite "financial sector" worker - help cheer them up.

Authorities are allegedly investigating the possibility that this entire family is descended from Nellie Oleson, of "Little House" infamy.


Meanwhile; working on a fridge post; but it'll be later, gotta harvest, then vote.


It's me said...

I'm just impressed with her quick thinking to a question nobody had asked! :)

Susan Och said...

Around here people just stop speaking to the brother for about 20 or 30 years. Even though they live next door. It's weird to be sandwiched in the checkout line between the two of them.