Thursday, October 23, 2008

On the road

ok, knock off the Willie Nelson.

Lots of excuses for being pretty quiet here for a while- like, lack of sleep for a couple days while Delilah got used to being downstairs alone.  Wow, she was a howler for a while.

Harvest.  Still going on; still behind.

Sniffles.  Well, more than sniffles; Spice has been on antibiotics for hyper-sniffles for more than a week now; Smidgen has a gorgeous cough in the mornings, but the doctor says it's not the hyper-sniffles, just a yucky cold.

Then there's this trip I've got to go on; out of state for 4 days, and they want me to say something interesting and significant, at length.  Spice and Smidgen get to hold down the fort and milk the chickens, between coughs.

Kind of hard to focus on a new powerpoint while all the world's handbaskets are on greased, 60° inclined, straight railroad tracks to hell.

So, I've been preoccupied.  I'm out of time to ponder now; have to get on the plane in the morning.

ok, knock off the Mamas and Poppas thing.

Gon out, bisy, backson.


knutty knitter said...

A-ha a W the P fan. Have you read the little autobiography by E. Shepherd about his Victorian upbringing? It's a very nice little book and well worth reading to Smidgen when she is deemed old enough (I think I read it to the boys first when they were about 4 and 6).

viv in nz

ps. Its all tummy bugs round here at included..sigh.

Theresa said...

Safe travels and I hope Spice and Smidgen are on the mend soon.:)

Crunchy Chicken said...

You can milk chickens?

Damn, I better watch out.

Nancy M. said...

Hope they feel better soon! I hope your trip is good also!

Anonymous said...

Hope Spice and Smidgen are better. Oldest child brought home a horrible cold virus from preschool that has gone through the entire family. Some days, I think she signed up for the disease of the month club at preschool. Whenever, I get tired of sick children (and being sick myself), I try to think how much stronger this is making our immune systems. ;-)

--Ave (who spent part of the weekend in bed because the nasty cold congrestion gave her a headache and made her dizzy)

Anonymous said...

endless admiration to the doers. and to this blogger.
vinegar and honey in hot water still works.. one spoon of each and stir in mugful of well water
and chew some rosemary or put some on the woodstove, in water or on surface, the vapors will purify the air, sage also works as shaman knows.

can't fix the dog,but have hope for delilha. sounds like a good mix. rock salt pellets cured my dog from chicken obsession. just in case...