Saturday, August 2, 2008


Yay!  Faith in Blogger is mostly restored; there were some humans in the loop after all, and though I've not received any other notices from them at this point, the blog is unblocked and apparently functional again.

And a good thing, too!  We've got guinea and dog news out the gazoo!  

Working on it.  Need some video to go along with it, I think... haven't shot it yet.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering what was happening - could get into my own blog okay - but couldnt get several other peoples. Sorted now by the look of it.

knutty knitter said...

Yaaaaaay. I'd miss you badly if you got stomped. This is one of my favourite blogs - I always go here first if I see a new post.

good luck

viv in nz

trendy georgia said...

Have found this blog and have been lurking for a while. have you any pics of your log home. I would love a log home small and rustic but hubby isnt too interested unless its a mcmansion log home ! Love what your doing, as we make the journey back to the land I will be checking here regularly for hints and inspiration.
Cheers Cherry

Unknown said...

Welcome back!