Friday, July 11, 2008


It seems to be a day for head-shaking over human foolishness- what with Wall Street and Fannie-Freddie on greased skids and all- so this just really seems totally appropriate to add to the soup- At last!  :-)


Anonymous said...

Ewww! That was absolutely disgusting and hilarious! This idea could have been used in the movie Wall-E with those folks on their hover chairs.

Theresa said...

Greenpa, I googled to see who/what Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are (our Canadian stock market people were also talking about them this morning) and all I can find is a candy company and a mortgage company. Is that what these things are?

Great video - I love the Onion!

Anonymous said...

would have been a great idea last year when food was still affordable! (sorry, my gallows humor is showing.)

Anonymous said...

They CANNOT be serious! All together now "Oh yes they can"....LOL! Blow mindfulness...if you're eating just eat, if you're walking just walk. Multitasking rules okay....I am joking.

I bet people will buy this too - it will be marketed as a "fun" thing to do and there it'll be - another "wasteaspace" on the market.

Do you think they might have a few braincells spare to work on something useful for once?

Allison said...

Put a saddle on me and strap a feed bag on. That was hilarious!!!! I'm glad I stopped by, I haven't laughed out loud like that in a long time. My kids came running in to see what was so funny. This my day and ruined all at the same time. This is our future, isn't it? Sad. Gotta love the Onion.

Anonymous said...

Good news for aspiring farmers:

"... farmland close to cities that has often been the seedbed for new housing developments is becoming less valuable to builders, at the same time as farmers want more of it. ..."