Wednesday, June 4, 2008

polit icks, forsooth-

Just a peep.  I begin to have hopes, for Obama.  He's pretty darn smart.  He's just managed to dodge Hillary's attempt to muscle into the Vice President's job.

According to the BBC; he's appointed a "panel" of 3 heavy duty Democrats to do the "search" for the veep, and make the formal recommendation.  One of the panel members is Caroline Kennedy.

Ok, this is like really, really smart.  They're not going to recommend Hillary (my god, what an insanely bad idea); not in a million years.  And now, Obama can just point and say "see, it wasn't me, at all."

What will the panel say about Hillary?

Here's my prediction: "Of course we gave long thought to Ms. Clinton, but we quickly agreed that she is simply too dynamic an individual, and too important to the future of this country and the Democratic Party, for her to be buried in what is, after all, a post with uncertain and unclear responsibilities.  She will be of far greater value to Mr. Obama's administration in some other post; and he will be asking for her input on that point soon."

Wanna bet?  :-)


oh, and; I'm inside resting my feet from my mowing orgy- the new Grillo is here, and in spite of an owners manual in 6 languages, apparently translated into English from Servo-Spelunkian, went together with great simplicity, and cuts like a dream, using virtually zip for fuel.  I'm in heaven.  Short break, water, more mowing.



Crunchy Chicken said...

Mowing orgy? Sounds awfully dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Greenpa, I'm crossing my fingers that you're right.

I sent the campaign a letter begging them NOT to make me vote for a Republican by selecting 'that woman' as a VP.

I think I'll keep my fingers crossed until we know for sure.

Anonymous said...

My husband mowed this week just before the rains hit. He then mournfully looked out the window and stated "I can *see* the grass growing", sigh....."

We'll be glad to eventually have only garden and no grass but I suspect it will be just as much work.

I've been reading your blog backwards and you are quite the inspiration. I suspect I won't have any large appliances at some point other than a freezer. Now I just have to figure out what to do with all that extra space!

Anonymous said...

He meant to say a roll in the hay.

Greenpa said...

Crunchiquitita- goodness, sometimes you are just such a babe in the woods. :-)

annamarie- grass is evil! :-) tick habitat galore. Unless you can run it through a goat, cow, or something. Another contra-vegan argument, really- we'll drown in ticks and hay if something isn't grazing. Dwarf goats are great, but we need a wider library of small grazers for suburbs.

katecontinued said...

He's just managed to dodge Hillary's attempt to muscle into the Vice President's job.
I'm saddened that even in this bastion of thoughtful alternative living I hear the puditry's talking points, painting Clinton as a she-devil.

I will vote for whoever is McCain's rival, but, I am not a Clinton supporter or an Obama supporter. Neither represents populist, small d democratic interests.

But misogyny hurts all women, and what is being done in this primary season is vile. It may have started with the republicans and the media, but shockingly the so-called progressive voices are piling on.

And now, at long last, even now, when Clinton cannot win, she is being pushed out, carelessly, rudely, with little regard for the implicit message in hustling a historic candidate off the stage and demanding her graciousness in defeat, despite offering her no graciousness in victory. Right to the end, there is a lack of respect that hurts to watch. Melissa McEwan, Shakesville

Greenpa said...

Katecontinued- what we have here is the reason I don't usually comment on politics. It gets divisive in a hurry-

I hope you can believe me that the fact Hillary is female has nothing to do with my statement that I think she would be a disaster as VP. It really doesn't- at least as far as I can tell.

My own opinion there is based purely on her specific situation- as a "Clinton", and as a representative of older politics. One of my own thoughts in trying to puzzle out who I might pick as VP, in Obama's place- gosh, if only there were a female version of Wesley Clark- THAT would be perfection (I like Clark- he's what generals used to be- smart, honest, and dedicated).

And there might BE- the military does NOT do a good job yet of using its few female generals- they're probably all geniuses, in order to get there at all, but we'd never know. The current military DOES have an institutional problem with misogyny.

The bottom line for me- I have a huge number of Republican neighbors and friends (it used to be possible for Republicans and Democrats to truly be friends-) who are simply stuck in a place of total Clinton hatred. It's not logical - but it's not fixable, either.

The best analogy I can make- it would be like the Republicans putting in Newt Gingrich as VP. It wouldn't matter what he says- we know he's pure slime and evil. (And to some extent, Hillary has adopted his tactics - of ignoring the opinions of the opposition and just cramming your own agenda down everyone's throat when you have the power. We have to quit that.)

We desperately need to function together. Hillary would make that extraordinarily difficult- half the people in our country are just blind in that direction, and will not be convinced to open their eyes ever, by any argument.

I don't hate Hillary. I could work with her. But my neighbors CAN'T. That's all.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree about Hillary. I think things will play out just as you said. She will be offered the lead in health care reform or something and that will be perfect. I don't think she is evil...just a true politician. She is WAY to divisive to be an asset to Obama's team. Clark would be a fine choice. Although...Obama could pick a demented squirrel with a penchant for hookers as his running mate and I would still vote for him.

Melissa said...

I too, hope you are right about what you have written. I also admit that I never write anything political because it can get really nasty really quickly, but I do have a nagging question that I really do honestly wonder about, and I'm not trying to be dense here, but why is it that anybody who dislikes Hillary automatically labelled a misogynist? I am a feminist - and I do not like Hillary. I won't go into the reasons why because that's a whole other issue...but the question is, why the automatic assumption that those who dislike her are misogynists?

e4 said...

Greenpa, can I borrow your grillo? You're the second person I've heard about who got one this spring. I'd love to be able to use something like a small scale sickle-bar cutter. I don't Grillos trasnport very conveniently via the Internet though.

I think your comment hits the Clinton nail on the head though, and that does transport via the Internet...

Susan Och said...

In my fantasy, Hillary would show up on the Senate floor in the middle of the Climate Security Bill debate, concede, and then say "But I'm still Senator!" and then go on to challenge her colleagues to face climate change head on and seriously debate that bill.

Or Obama would just skip campaigning and start acting presidential and do basically the same thing.

But those are just my fantasies. In real life the bill died on the Senate floor as the TV news covered the Obama/Clinton VP thing like it was a 6th grade romance and the Weather Channel showed more heat waves, tornadoes, and flooding.