Friday, May 9, 2008


I'm in spring planting overload mode at the moment, so just a quick post.

Many thanks for the good words on the last post.  It did take most of a day to write.  It ain't easy, trying to be lucid.  

I've had the outline of "the book" on my computer for more than 10 years.  At this point, it's good I didn't write it then; it would be obsolete and under documented by now.  

What I don't have is time to write it.  So, if you wanna see the book; help me out here- find a nice publisher who will pay a good advance, so I can afford to take the time.  :-)

And, one way to make that happen- is to increase the demand.  If you really liked that post- please do pass it on- and ask others to pass it on.  I watch my hit counter- and while the hit rate here tripled when I asked folks to pass on the fury about hunger, it didn't bump at all, for this last post- same old steady rate.

One quick link: this op-ed piece was in last Sunday's Washington Post.  Since then, it's kind of disappeared.  It's seriously radical for the Post- outrageously outspoken on just who controls the food in the world.  "They're Global Citizens, They're Hugely Rich, And They Pull The Strings."  With details.  "David Rothkopf, a visiting scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, is the author of 'Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making.' "


Elins trädgård said...

I loved your last post! And I've linked to it on my blog.

Anonymous said...

I want to let you know that I am moved by your blog and never post a comment letting you know how your words and lifestyle touch me; I traded a lovely sustainable farm and lifestyle for financial security and a very un-sustainable way of life, which I regret in many ways and yet with the money I am making now, I am making a difference for so many. Selling my soul? A year and a half in, the jury is still out, but I do miss and long for the simple life I had, connected and living sanely, always sure of my food, water, and power. But the flip side is that I have done the 'off the grid', and now I am all hooked in and up and I can use my experience to do it again in a city setting, and reading the blogs of those that are doing it, and getting re-inspired...I jusr want to say thanks, I don't feel so alone

Susana said...

I like how you list on the sidebar Basic Green Practices in the Little House. But I don't see where on your blog to find the details about these things. Like... have you written about how to not have a fridge? Some labels and links would help and save me the time of reading through every post you've written.

Anyway, we have seven kids, (homebirthed and homeschooling) and in order to buy our house and acreage we recently lived 8 months in a little cabin, with no running water, sawdust toilet & limited electricity. It was doable, but lots of hardship. We are now saving an old farmhouse from delapidation. (The house should be paid if on 10 years! Which is thrilling having come from the west when the market was peaking.)

We have a well (that went dry last year when we were in a drought, so I can appreciate your excitement over the new water.) We heat with wood in the winter (and some electric for now..) trying to learn how to put in big gardens and fruit/nut trees. All very daunting/scary. We have chickens and hope to get a cow.

We are in the country trying to get rid of our city ways...

Thanks for your blog. Would appreciate some labels... :)

Anonymous said...

I will join the chorus in praising your last post. Thanks in part to you and your ideas, my husband and I are seriously considering moving to a sustainable rural life.

While I know no publishers, have you ever considered some sort of cooperative publishing effort? Is there even such a beastie? What I mean is, how many contributing customers would it take to make it worth your while to write and privately publish the book if it were funded directly? Just a thought. The internet can be a wonderful thing that way...

Greenpa said...

Susana - sorry about the links... :-) There ARE some, and actually the search function at the top of the home page works ok; if you search for "fridge", etc, you will find relevant stuff. Post titles are sometimes helpful, and if you find a relevant post, there's a fair chance the next post will have a bit of follow up.

The reality is: this blog doesn't pay me anything- and I work the equivalent of 2 or 3 full time jobs besides the blog... so time for niceties is really scarce.

I appreciate the interest in the apples- but they're really more of a hobby for me, and not the focus here. I'll remember your request, and may do what I can- they're about to blossom, which is pretty showy these days. There ARE ways in which my orchard overlaps with my other points...


anyway- thanks for the good thoughts here, everbody- it helps keep me going.