Saturday, January 19, 2008

there and back again.

Ok, so she wasn't generating chaos ALL the time.  Smidgen's hair got just long enough to gather into a ponytail a few days before the trip.

There is just something about a sleeping baby that is irresistible. I've got zillions of pics like this; of all 3 kids. Alas, the first 2 are on film, not digital.

But, I can catch them now.  Beelar came along on this trip, thank goodness; and cheerfully carried his little sister- more than I did, I confess.  She seems pretty content.

Then we got home- to this.

Yeeha.  This was the in-out thermometer this morning; 42°F INSIDE; -18° below Zero Outside (-28°C).

Looks like getting colder tonight.  In light of all the interest in our potty habits, I'm thinking of doing a detailed post on how, exactly, one uses an outhouse in really chilly weather...  :-)

  Crunchy has this ongoing thing about freezing one's behind off... and I now have a rep to maintain for advanced nuttiness, thanks to her...



Oldnovice said...

Does dad live "down under"?

Greenpa said...

Alas and thank goodness, no. But far enough that it's warm, obviously. :-)

Anonymous said...

Two words: chamber.pot.

Greenpa said...

Kate - six words!: ew! stinky! toddler kicked it over!

lol. we DO use one for special needs; like illness or pregnancy.