Monday, December 24, 2007

It's for family-

Just a few minutes here today; it's Christmas Eve, and we do a pretty traditional type of celebration.  But it's family that's important for us, right now.

I wanted to do a little post here, though; because over the past months, I've come to feel quite a few of you- are family, too.  There's been lots of kind support for us through our various weird disasters; and it's truly appreciated.

So- for those of you who unfortunately live where there is no snow- here's the view out our front door yesterday-  (this may be more enjoyable if you turn the sound off {it's almost a silent snowfall; so the camera mike was high and noisy} - and it's a short short clip; more impact if you repeat it a couple times...)

We enjoy it. Feeling pretty snug, here in the Little House- in spite of the fact we are truly snowed in- unless it were a real emergency, we can't go anywhere right now; the road in (3/8 mile long) is drifted shut, and the tractor to plow it out is not likely to start at 10°F. Extraordinary measures are always possible - but it would take all day.  So.  The weather outside is frightful; but the stove is so delightful-

Happy holidays to you all- whichever the holiday; and wherever you are.


Anonymous said...

Hi Greenpa, thank you for sharing your beautiful snow. I'm in Seattle for Christmas, and it has been rainy and dark...

I have enjoyed following your blog, and have gained much inspiration from your thoughts and stories. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Theresa said...

Thanks for that, Greenpa. Peace and joy to all of you in the Little House.

Crunchy Chicken said...

Happy holidays to you, Spice and the Smidglet. You have been in my thoughts several times today. I hope the rest of your year is a pleasant one and I look forward to our conversations in the upcoming year!

Take care,
From all the Crunchies

Robbyn said...

Glad to see you're all snug..thanks for the snow pic...don't get much of that down here in Florida. Have a wonderful family time together!

Leila Abu-Saba said...

I'm in Oakland CA for the last fourteen years, have not gone up to the Sierras in winter in ages, and I really, really miss snow. Urban snow (NYC) and country snow (Illinois, where I spent six years of my childhood).

Thanks for this clip, and Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the snow, Greenpa. As a displaced Northerner here in the South, I miss the snow at this time of year. Happy Holidays to you and your family.


Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas!

Hope you all have a much more pleasantly eventful new year, and good health the whole year through!

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and also your trials and tribulations -- it's good to learn about the creative side of making do, fixing things, to know what the possibilities are when things go wrong.

Take care,

Christy said...

Happy holidays to you too! I hope you had a great day.