Monday, August 20, 2007

and the creek DID rise

so, in my last post, I wrote; " Harvest is predictable; we know it's coming, barring - uh, tornadoes and floods."

I shouldn't have said that, I should NOT have said that.

If you read the news- there's serious flooding in the US Midwest- and yeah, we're right in the middle. If you keep track, you're going to be seeing a lot of amazing photos in the next few days- they're only now coming to the surface. In fact, all our communications went out on Saturday; only trickling back this morning; email is still dicey.

If you'd like to see some photos etc; here's a regional paper- flood stuff

We're only moderatly affected- can't pick our stuff in a downpour, but we don't have crops that can be pounded into the mud. We did get 5" of rain in 24 hours on Saturday; but neighbors got 10- 12" in places. We lucked out.

But, no question; everything is goofed up.

Hm. I was about to write, "I don't have any disaster photos of my own.... but. I do. And, once again, indicative of a lack of "good sense" -

We put this canopy up for a farm function- and we KNEW it needed to be guyed; me, Beelar, and Middle Son, and Spice. And the truth is, at the end of the day, we were just too wet and tired to believe it was gonna happen. So it did; a nice wind gust in the middle of the night tossed the canopy whole into the bushes. Busted a couple legs. We could have done without it. sigh.

And. Just for fun. On Monday morning- our 4wd farm pickup- strictly on farm, no license, and so rusty no one in their right mind would look at it- was stolen. With all my harvest tools- and chainsaw (read "winter heat") etc. It was sitting out away from the house- mostly because the ground was so wet we didn't want to move it- it rips up the ground right now.

Most likely stolen by meth-heads, looking for anything not nailed down- since the sheriff, of course, is busy elsewhere.

so- harvest is at a dead stop, at the moment. Yeah, global warming is not fun.


etbnc said...


I feel for ya. Not much else I can do from afar, but I feel for ya.

If it were me, I think I would be exercising the more profane portions of English vocabulary.

But I'm confident you and your family can handle such problems with wisdom, humor, and style. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...


My condolensces.

If farmer's lack silly superstitions about luck, maybe we can invent some. How about "keep an old corbcob on the dashboard of farm vehicles to help ward off meth-heads" or "never whistle near the compost pile, to help prevent wind damage to crops or equipment." ;)

-Brian M.

Anonymous said...

Hey I said "break a leg" and you DID break the legs of the canopy. I guess the classic theatre "break a leg" trick backfires on farmers. ;)
-Brian M.

barefoot gardener said...

etbnc took the words right out of my mouth.

Anonymous said...

Oh Greenpa - I'm so sorry to hear about all of that. It's got to be discouraging and hard to handle. I'll be praying for you guys

shadowfoot said...

Oh dear. Sorry to hear about the truck and tools. I hope they show up (hey, it's been known to happen). Hope you don't get any more rain for a bit.

Take care,

Heather G

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your problems with Mother Nature and humankind. Yesterday it was 104 here in the South, it appears climate change is evident everywhere. I'm inspired my your example of living outside the box and I'm trying to do the same, i.e. still don't have air conditioner, staying cool the old-fashioned way, sitting on the porch or under a tree!

Theresa said...

I'm sorry this has happened to you and your family, Greenpa. I hope things improve soon for you and for everyone affected by the flooding.

Anonymous said...

Oh, best of luck in the recovery process (in all senses of the word).

By the way, last night when I was awake at 2 a.m. I began reading the book you recommended, The Land Remembers. It's wonderful. I'd like to share it aloud with my family.

Isle Dance said...

Yowsa! So sorry. :(

Christy said...

I'm sorry for your struggles. I hope things get easier soon.