Sunday, July 1, 2007


I got hit by a bug. Virus, in this case, which our doctor says is "going around" right now. So I've literally been dead asleep the last 3 days- not something I make a habit of; in fact it's very rare for me to be able to sleep more than a "normal" amount; but with this bug, I have not been able to do anything else.

We have two mosquito born viruses possible here; West Nile, and a regional viral encephalitis; neither is one to take lightly. All my symptoms fell into the West Nile grouping at first, so I've been having fun wondering if I was going to wind up one of the few who actually get nailed by it. Apparently not.

At this point, still running on 1 cylinder (out of four, no gas guzzlers!)

Actually got hit by it right in the middle of preparing a post with pictures of the Whole Planet Picnic here- so, that'll be coming up next.


Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better. I've ready your whole blog and was afraid you'd thrown in the blogging towel... good to see you back. I've really enjoyed your practical descriptions of how you do things and what your off the grid life is like.

Isle Dance said...

Look forward to seeing the photos!

Mary said...

Dear Green Pa,

Thank you for the update. I often return from my travels with some such thing and my MD wonders what I've brought home from the wilds of Azerbaijan or Lesotho. The one thing I find that works best: Fluids, rest, fluids, repeat.

Take care and appreciate that like all things in nature, healing also takes time. Be gentle with yourself and know we are thinking of you.

Very best,

Oldnovice said...

Yeah...the 3 million-year-old healer will take care of whatever it is given rest,fluids, rest, fluids.

Dontcha hate it when this happens, though?

Theresa said...

Take care Greenpa, feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

so, besides the mosquito, {aegypti?},
what was the other vector- a pig, a chicken or a human?
And that vent on your outhouse, it is screened isn't it?
Feel better soon.