Thursday, May 17, 2007

Home again

People have no idea what I sacrifice for the work I do. Grump grump grump. This time- it was apple blossom time. I was gone for a week. The apple orchard I planted and grafted decades ago was just bursting into full flower as I drove out. Coming back- the blossoms are all, all gone. Sigh.

Partly the weird weather- 3 days ago we had high winds and 95°F. Really. Took the flowers fast, I'm sure, though I wasn't here. Now- last night- we had frost. Gosh, I wonder what's going on?

Vanessa - I'm delighted!! You've made up for the missed apple blossoms.

Hopefully Fridgeless

For those of you who missed the original conversation on unplugging your refrigerator (which we haven't actually finished) it basically started here, and went on for a couple posts: Unplugging. I do think you'll find it easier than everyone expects- particularly once you're a bit used to it.

One more quick bit, then I gotta go do chores. The NYT has a business section story today- basically an INSTITUTE has announced that "energy standards" for, well, everything, are inadequate, and need to be fixed. Golly, must be serious. Then they go on to say how taxing this, and that, could help- but gosh, it's a big mess. Energy Standards

Very seriously - this is a perfect example of the quagmire we always tend to descend into when something is "out of whack", and we try to fix it with governmental tweaks. The tweaks always cause new problems- so the tweaks get tweaked..

Very, very seriously - HERE IS A BETTER ANSWER: A Possibility. If energy cost more- the MORE you used- for everyone- then EVERYONE would find ways to use less. Universal motivation. Vastly easier, faster, cheaper, permanent, and more effective than taxing.

Pass it on- there ARE folks already trying to get movement in this direction into legislation; but it'll take a lot of people doing a lot of talking, and pushing, to get there.

Tomorrow- last post for a while on the Planet Picnic - and other options. Next post- summary on the Potty House. Then- on to a new topic. Whew.


Crunchy Chicken said...

Welcome back, Grumpa! I can't wait to hear the latest on your Potty Picnic :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout-out! Sad about your apple blossoms, but there's plenty of other stuff blossoming out there...

I hate when governments start tweaking tweaks with more tweaks... very annoying isn't it?

Anonymous said...

On the 'Hopelessly Fridgeless' front I'm having not having a bit of success with Companion. Heretofore, every step to better living has been met with overwhelming gratitude.

"Honey, you were so right, I feel so much better biking to work, we really don't need the car."

"Darling, it's true, I don't miss central heat at all, I sleep so much better"

It was a regular love fest until I shut the refrigerator off. Cold stare and "I. Will Not. Go. Without. THE Refrigerator. Enough!"
I had no idea a cold beer was so important to Companion. I am working on what temp is the cut off. We have a stream nearby and I threw one in hoping ...We'll see.. Thanks for that advice!

Greenpa said...

Chewy Poulet- many thanks. And I do find your Fridays thrilling. 8-)

Vanessa- worse than annoying; moving towards dysfunctional. It's not that tweaking per se is a mistake philosophically; on the contrary, I think- no matter how well something works, there's almost always a way to improve it. The problem with government tweaks is- they tend to be half-witted compromises, written into law. When they turn out to be lethal for somebody, it takes another law to quit killing people. Would be nice if we had some way to say "this isn't working for me" - and just fix it without the whole world getting involved. sigh.

New Greenie- :-) ah, I do sympathize. Do you think it might be possible to get Companion to agree to just a week without it? Earth Lent? My guess is it just seems too huge. I'll bet if you can get Comp to do it just for a week- the idea will start to sink in. It might be another year or so before Comp will be really ready- but then you'll have a "reformed sinner" on your hands- just watch what a loud advocate may develop. Hang in there.