Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A New Effect Of Global Warming...

Yeah, yeah, climate change, what the hey.  This comes under the category of Global Weirding, a phrase I first heard at least 15 years ago, but which has recently started to gain steam.  Or my own choice to describe where we are; Climate Collapse.

We just went through this new effect, one I have not seen really described elsewhere.  We're among the many suffering from the drought here, so we're amazingly sensitive to the hope of rain.

This got my hopes up-

And yeah, we're kind of in the middle of all that.  But?

SQUAT FOR RAIN - out of all that lovely dark green radar (usually heavy) and yellow-orange (usually toad-strangler downpour).  Seriously, the deck is barely damp.

What we have here is an Insincere Thunderstorm.  

Or perhaps, for the poetically and vulgarly inclined: a Pissant Thunderstorm.

'Cause that's how much water we got; about as much as an ant could piss.

(actually, it's still dark as hell, and I'm hoping if I insult it enough, it'll eventually RAIN on us...)

Actually, later- no, it never did.  So-

Or.  Dunderstorm.

Ok, or, just Understorm.

Yet another horror awaiting us all as the climate goes over the edge.  Big promises- but it was only teasing.  The grass - is outraged, I assure you; and my neighbors who were hoping this would save their corn may be opening their arteries as we speak.

And I would like to talk to the radar people.   What's up with this!!???  Seriously- I sweat more water than this big blockbuster official "Severe Thunderstorm Warning" produced.

sigh.  Back to sweating.


You guys should, like, vote.  I'm currently liking Dunderstorm, myself.  Noisy, but totally incompetent.


knutty knitter said...

How is your little creek? I'm hoping it still has some flow but in a drought, who knows! BTW you can have some of our rain for free. I'd like some fine winter sun :)

viv in nz

Robyn M said...

We had a big storm front come through. I watched in desperate anticipation--I hit refresh on the Wunderground map every 3 minutes. I saw the main body of the storm head south, but a diligent little cloud--just the size of our city on the map--head right for us. And then I watched, refresh, refresh, refresh, as that little storm cloud stopped right on the highway that borders our city, *back up* (I wouldn't dare make this up) and then swing south. Then I watched another diligent little storm cloud 1/2 an hour later DO EXACTLY THE SAME THING.

I cried.

Greenpa said...

Knutty Viv- alas, the little creek is dry; it's serious drought. Actually we've been well below normal precip for over a year now, it's cumulative.

Robyn- Yeah, it's not funny, when it's your plants and animals struggling to survive. Your scenario is what we lived all through the summer of 1988. Watched storm after storm - rain somewhere else. But NOW- it's like the PerUniverse has upped the ante on us. We got a storm- but we didn't.

Jen said...

I didn't expect you to be in that neck of the woods! I grew up just south of you! My parents are still there, but off grid now and on a new property these last couple years. I've been reading your blog and passing on ideas to them, but they kept saying you must be in a more temperate climate. How funny and ironic; they will not have that excuse anymore. I empathize with the rain situation. I call them everyday to see how they are handling the heat. The spring on their property is dried up now. It's a scary situation.

Luddene Perry said...

Here in Nebraska it's been the same as for Robyn. Every storm has fizzled out before it ever reached us. Last night I saw a good storm coming straight for us on Wunderground and ran out to set all my buckets under the eves. This morning I put them all away - empty and dry. I planted over 100 new trees, shrubs, etc. in April and now am going crazy trying to keep them all watered. I've lost maybe 25% of them so far.

MaryContrary said...

Maybe some of what we got here in northwest Indiana will come your way--about 2 inches yesterday. We could use more but aren't holding our breath. Right now we are simply enjoying a day below 90.